Route: Crater Lake Circumnavigation with 7 High Points (OR)

Oregon, US

Established by Winston Mueller and Jason Hardrath in 2018 as a classic method for circumnavigating one of the most beautiful lakes in the world:
"Choose any starting point so long as you finish where you start and tag all 7 high points. Route involves some route finding and many epic views. The high points provide perspectives of the lake few ever see making this a classic endeavor. 
Llao RockRock, Hillman Peak, The Watchman, Garfield Peak, Applegate Peak, Dutton Cliffs, and Cloudcap Peak are your checkpoints of the day. Use as much or little of the rim drive as suites you effort. Good luck! Enjoy the views! "
*Winston adds: "our beta for downclimbing the back of the Dutton Cliff is dis-recommended"

33 - 34 miles?