Route: Dutchman's Stern Loop (SA, Australia)

Submitted by pixiestardust on Mon, 04/26/2021 - 11:08pm
South Australia, AU
10 km
Vertical Gain
400 m

This route is a gorgeous circuit hike around the Dutchmans Stern, a prominent bluff, with spectacular views from the summit, across the Spencer Gulf, Willochra Plain and surrounding Flinders Ranges. Its located 19km out of the town of Quorn ( which is a great base for doing the hikes in the area). Its a moderate difficulty/grade 3 hike with some technical sections and narrow clifftop paths. The trail is well made and the climbs are not steep.

The first kilometre of the hike (from the sign at the trailhead) is an easy warmup on relatively flat terrain. You then arrive at a crossroads with the Heysen Trail & the start of the circuit of the bluff. Going right, you head up to the summit for 3km on a switch-back trail thats pretty rocky. The views from the summit are incredible. There is a platform here, signage and a logbook. From here the remainder of the hike is downhill winding around the other side of the bluff, generally rocky, with some very narrow sections. More great views from the other side (although not as good as the summit view). The trail gets a bit wider at the end so its easier to pick up the pace. It then arrives at the crossroads again, leaving you with 1kilometre left to run strong to finish.


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