Route: East Gippsland Rail Trail (VIC, Australia)

Victoria, AU

East Gippsland Rail Trail : 100 Kilometres of natural diversity running from Bairnsdale to Orbost.

The old railway line that runs between Bairnsdale and Orbost is 94km long and traverses through remote bush locations in East Gippsland. A long rail trail, which passes through a variety of forest and farmland. Lots of huge old timber bridges, railway cuttings and embankments.

The railway came to Bairnsdale in 1888, but didn't reach Orbost until 1916, which was almost the end of Victoria's railway building period. This railway was notable for it's many long trestle bridges. The Mundiac Creek trestle was destroyed by bushfires in 1980. The Stony Creek trestle was the site of a derailment in 1964, when 4 goods trucks fell into the creek. The line was finally closed in 1987.

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