Route: Entiat Mega-Slam (WA)

Submitted by Jason Hardrath… on Wed, 01/12/2022 - 07:38pm
Washington, US
53 mi
Vertical Gain
31,000 ft

The Entiat Mega-Slam is a peak-baggers traverse of nine of the top 100 tallest peaks of Washington State, known as the Bulgers List

(Warning: this is not a casual trail run... it involves route finding, very loose 4th class terrain, steep snow, heinous bushwhacking, a serious stream ford, and one of the most beautiful experiences in the state)

If you attempt this FKT, please strongly consider donating money or volunteer time to Washington Trails Association who does the stewardship for these trails.

The nine peaks may be done in any ordered but the time starts when you leave a trailhead and ends when you step into the final trailhead, and you must stand on the true summit of all nine peaks in between (geo-tagged photos on summits, please). 

The peaks are:

  1. South Spectacle 
  2. Maude Peak
  3. Seven Fingered Jack
  4. Mount Fernow
  5. Greenwood Mountain
  6. Dumbell Mountain
  7. Chiwawa Mountain
  8. Fortress Mountain
  9. Buck Mountain

Jason Hardrath (IG) and Nathan Longhurst have both speculated that this slam could go as fast as 48 hours - maybe better if one doesn't sleep.