Route: Inyo Mountains Double Crossing (CA)

Submitted by seano on Mon, 03/01/2021 - 07:28am
California, US
31.62 mi
Vertical Gain
16,808 ft

The Inyo Mountains are a desert range across from the High Sierra, running from south of Lone Pine to Highway 168 east of Big Pine.  They rise around 8000 feet from the Owens Valley to the west, and 10,000 from the Saline Valley to the east.  This route crosses the range via Forgotten Pass, climbing from a trailhead outside Lone Pine, then descending past the small ghost town of Beveridge, via old miners' trails. The trails are rugged and long-abandoned, and can be hard to follow for someone unfamiliar with them in particular, or Inyo trail conditions in general.  There are two reliable water sources on the Saline Valley side, at Beveridge and Frenchy's Cabin, about a mile up-valley.

The precise starting point is the place where it is no longer possible to continue even via 4WD, where the "road" ends at a 10-foot-deep washout.  The turnaround on the Saline side is where Keynot Ridge meets Saline Valley in a wash around 1500 feet.

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