Route: Lost Creek Wilderness South Loops (CO)

Colorado, US

Big Loop (37 miles):  Starts at the Goose Creek Trailhead. Travel west on the Hankins Pass Trail. Head north on the Lake Park Trail and again on the Brookside-McCurdy Trail. Stay on this trail all the way to Lost Park. Then head east on the Wigwam trail. Then turn south onto the Goose Creek Trail. Stay on that trail until you reach the Goose Creek Trailhead. 37 miles.

Small Loop (23 miles):  From the Goose Creek trailhead, go down the hill and cross the creek to the start of the loop. Start your timer at the junction. Head left up the Hankins Pass Trail. At the pass, turn right on the Lake Park trail and continue climbing up and over a high point, dropping down to the Brookside McCurdy Trail. Head right (north) through more open terrain until a long switchback downhill to the actual Lost Creek. Stay right on the McCurdy Trail to go up some short punchy climbs until you reach the wide Goose Creek trail. Head right and go 6 miles of net downhill on wide easy trail back to the start of the loop.  You could start this loop from other trailheads. The Goose Creek trailhead is the closest access. The counter clockwise direction is the faster of the two due to the fast and easy downhill on Goose Creek.