Route: From Lowest To Highest - Berlin

Submitted by TheBotBeyondTh… on Mon, 05/22/2023 - 03:25pm
45.6 km
Vertical Gain
220 m

Many people say they've reached rock bottom in Berlin. But this route wants to take that to the lowest level - and from there, to the highest. Welcome to the newest FKT route in town, #FromLowestToHighestBerlin! It's the perfect routethose flatland lovers of Berlin, who prefer horizontal miles over torturous vertical meters.

Embark on this 45-kilometer odyssey from the TRUE lowpoint of Berlin, Spektesee, to the somewhat higher natural point, the Great Müggelberg. Those who hate vert will reluctantly pass by the Castle Charlottenburg (it sits higher than the Spektesee by probably a few meters!), traverse the banks of the River Spree and climb to the top of this great captial city of Germany. The scenic beauty may distract Vert-Haters momentarily, but be warned of the presence of the Brandenburg Gate and other tourist traps along the route that might interrupt this otherwise dishearteningly steep journey.

#FromLowestToHighestBerlin stretches almost the entire expanse of the city from west to east, is the perfect showcase of Berlin's unforgivingly precipitous terrain. Prepare to reluctantly conquer elevation changes, all while muttering discontentedly under your breath. But it will be worth it, once you can jump into the clear waters of the Müggelsee. Because it's not (just) the destination, but the horizontal distance covered, that matters.

Now off with you! Find out yourself that #VertsNotReal (at least barealy in Berlin).
Will add pictures later.

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Heh, this is a fun idea. Is this here just as a "cool idea to do in future" or have you set a time and not posted it yet?

I'll definitely be giving this a go, though I don't think I'll be all that fast over that distance.

Has anyone thought of doing a "3-Peaks" challenge in Berlin. You could link Drachenberg, Müggelheim and... Freizeitpark Marienfelde? Maybe? I struggle to think of a third hill. But the idea is there. Our very own peaks challenge with a combined accent of about 100 meters 😂