Route: Mt Audubon Duathlon (CO)

Colorado, US

Ryan Ognibene posted the route.  Note that the "official" Start/Finish should be the Bustop.

Mt Audubon Duathlon    

I have found info about this route here and

I currently show the FKT as 4:38:21 by Kraig Koski

FKT 4:38:21 by Kraig Koski back in 2002

2h05m - Audubon TH
3h12m - Audubon summit (1h07m)
3h47m - Audubon TH (35m)
4h42m - Open Space TH on Lee Hill Dr.

Here is Stefan giving it a go

I am going to give it a go unsupported Saturday 7/15/2017 I will be starting around 7 am if anyone wants to join in. 

I will post my strava route next Monday. Thanks

Ryan failed to get the FKT:

Well it looks like a need a bit more speed next time around


Started at 7. Made it to brainared lake and off on the run at 9:10. To the top at 10:30. Back to the bike around 11:15. And then fought traffic and wind the whole ride home. Finished in a total time of 5:15:40. Time for a nap