Route: North Nasty (OR)

Oregon, US

North Nasty is a popular 11.5 mile loop, with 2900' of elevation gain, in Forest Park, Portlland. It starts at the Leif Erikson trailhead at Germantown road. Cross Germantown, go down Firelane 9, through the neighborhood above Hwy 30, connect to Linnton trail and head up. Continue up FL 10, through the Newton parking lot and down until it hits BPA road. Climb BPA, head down FL 12, and up FL 15 until it hits Skyline road. Take a left on Skyline road and another left onto BPA road. Go down BPA and turn right on Wildwood trail. Take Wildwood all the way back to 10, go left or down Firelane 10, and descent to Firelane 10a and head back to the start.   North Nasty has a Strava segment.  Besides a single lap, an FKT has been reported for 9 laps (just over 100 miles) of North Nasty.