Route: Run The New Forest (United Kingdom)

Submitted by DanLatham on Fri, 01/08/2021 - 05:05am
United Kingdom
52 km
Vertical Gain
700 m

Run The New Forest:

This 50K ultra takes you from the picturesque village of Breamore, near Fordingbridge on the North Side of the New Forest National Park, UK.

On route you will see the full beauty of the New Forest park there is no better way to see it; you will see the forests great trees, some beautiful views and the forests wildlife such as, wild ponies, donkeys, cows and pigs depending on the season. The course consists of primarily gravel and forest tracks with no more than a couple of miles on tarmac. The finish is at the equally Beautiful Lepe beach where you can grap a meal or a drink and look out over to the Isle of Wight.

There is a facebook page for the route, where runners may ask for further details etc Run The Forest | Facebook 


Run the Forest – An FKT Challenge - Approx. 52km - Information Below:

CP = Checkpoint, SP = Support Point, SU & SZ references are Ordnance Survey Grid Refs.

Start Point: The Bat & Ball Inn, Breamore, SU15871780

CP 1: Godshill Inclosure, SU17721609

CP 2: Ashley Walk Car Park, SU186156

CP 3: Milkham Car Park, SU217101

CP 4 & SP 1: Bolderwood Car Park, SU242086

CP 5: Millyford Bridge Car Park, SU267078

CP 6: A31 Under Pass at Upper Lazy Bushes SU22276 08444

CP 7: New Forest Reptile Centre road approach SU275066

CP 8 & SP 2: Balmerlawn Car Park SU301033

CP 9: Ranswood Car Park SU366025

CP 10: Beaulieu Car Park SU386021

CP 11: Moonhills Car Park SU408025

CP 12: Gatewood Bridge / Dark Water Car Park SU433013

Finish: Lepe Café SZ455985



Do not trespass and follow the country code

Research and follow your own route between check points

Minimum kit you should carry:

 Lightweight Waterproof & Windproof Jacket.

 Hat, whistle & compass

 A paper copy map in waterproof cover, bag or case

 Foil space blanket or equivalent survival bivi bag type

 First Aid Provision - Sterile dressing, antiseptic wipe and bandage as a minimum

 Hydration system with minimum 1 litre capacity

 Nutrition – enough to complete the distance

 Charged mobile phone (Waterproofed in plastic freezer bag or equivalent)

 Headtorch - (but it is not recommended to run any part of this in the dark)

 Be accompanied – at least have someone to support you at the start, finish and two support points

 Route Planning – have your route organised – with a map.

Give your support person or team an estimated time of arrival at the support points and finishes