Route: Sea to Sky, Haleakala (HI)

Hawaii, US

This route ascends Haleakala from the beach near Kaupo (Maui) via the Kaupo and Sliding Sands trails. It's about 20 miles each way, and ascends 10,023 feet.



Hey everyone! I want to announce my intention to set a new round trip FKT for this route. I will be using support from my crew at the summit, so I will target the supported FKT, however I would like to break the unsupported FKT as well. I will make my attempt on Wednesday, May 2nd starting at the beach in between 5-6AM. I have had a great winter of training and I am very excited about going after this FKT! I will submit my trail report, photos/video, and .gpx data as soon as I can following my attempt. I look forward to any comments, input, or questions :-) I can't wait to do this route!!

Planning on attempting this route tomorrow, October 27th. Not had chance to recee the lower trail hopefully it’s not too overgrown.