Route: SwimRun Manhattan Island

Submitted by Nargus on Wed, 01/11/2023 - 11:09am
New York, US
60 mi
Vertical Gain
980 ft

The sport of SwimRun has been dominated by archipelagos, mountains, oceans, and lakes. Urban SwimRun is something that has not been attempted. In NYC, two very well known organizations host races that swim and run around Manhattan Island independently of each other. These organizations are New York Open Water (NYOW) and Orchard Street Runners (OSR), respectively. SwimRun Manhattan requires the athlete to first swim and then run around the Island. The SwimRun must be timed to account for the tides and must start at Pier A in Battery Park. The athlete proceeds from Battery Park around the tip of the island and north along the East River eventually returning to Pier A by swimming south in the Hudson. The athlete then climbs out at Pier A and begins the run in the same direction, completing the ~60 mile route once he or she returns to Pier A.  Following marathon swimming guidelines, the swimmer cannot wear a wetsuit or use any equipment that conflicts with said guidelines. Given the boat traffic, this SwimRun must be crew assisted.

Please note the GPX file does not start at Pier A due to the tides that day, but for this FKT, the athlete must start at Pier A because it is the only location that the athlete can get in and out of the water without traveling to/from start point on boat. 

GPS Track