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Oriol Antoli Sarrau on Haute Route Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France)
Complete - no FKT

42.8722093, -0.083409200000006

Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: Complete - no FKT

I will attempt the FKT of this route in self-sufficient mode, starting from Hendaye, during 16 days (all the vacations I have), so I do the FKT or I am DNF, hope the first!

8/31:  Started from Hendaye about 7:38am, o/n at Highway N135.

9/02:  10:00 cross Highway D26.

9/05:  12:05 Gavarnie, 23:22 at A-138.

9/06:  23:16 at Lac du Portillon (overnight)

9/07:  20:38 at Hwy N-230

9/08:  19:14 at Hwy C-142-B

9/09:  19:24 at Estany de Certascan

9/10:  21:36 at CS-370 / el Serrat (Andorra)

9/15:  (sorry for lack of updates)  Looks like Oriol finished the route about 11:45am.  Within his 16-day window but no FKT!

Renee Elsdon Jacobs on California Fourteeners (CA)
Complete - new FKT!

37.0979892, -118.5176055

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

Renee made an earlier attempt beginning 8/15.

9/02:  02:13 start from South Lake TH, 08:03 Thunderbolt, 10:55 N Palisade, 16:17 Sill

9/03:  04:16 Split, 09:51 TH

9/04:  03:00 start up Shasta, 08:18 summit Shasta, 10:54 off Shasta

9/05:  03:55 starting from Big Pine Creek TH, 10:12 summit Middle Palisade, 14:40 back at TH, 17:20 TH for White, 19:50 summit White, 21:20 back at TH

9/06:  05:39 starting from Shepherds Pass TH, 14:05 Mt Williamson, 21:49 back at TH

9/07:  08:41 starting from Whitney Portal, 15:30 Russell, 17:50 Whitney, 18:54 Muir

9/08:  02:38 Langley, 06:23 at Horseshoe Meadow TH

DONE:  6d4h5m !

Christof Teuscher on Arizona Trail (AZ)

34.1255014, -111.4859466

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: DNF

It's on!

The planned start is on Tue, Sep 3, around 5pm from the southern terminal. This will be a supported FKT attempt. We'll try to post updates on Twitter and Instagram.

9/03, started at 17:06

9/04, 08:55 at Patagonia (51.2 miles), 19:10 at Gardner Canyon TH (73.0 miles)

9/05, 10:04 at Twin Tanks (99.9 miles), 16:17 at Marsh Station Rd (112.6 miles)

9/06, 08:13 at Reddington Rd (151.1 miles), 17:00 moving again after a ~2.5hr break at the Gordon Hirabayashi Rec Area (164.3 miles in 3 days)

9/07, 08:45 at American Flag Ranch TH (198.3 miles), 15:07 rolling again after a ~2.5hr break at Tiger Mine TH (206.9 miles)

9/08, 05:10 leave Freeman Rd after a break (234.7 miles), 15:38 at the Kelvin TH (262.8 miles) - took about 3.5hr break

9/09, 13:06 at Picketpost TH (288.8 miles)

from Instagram:  "AZT, the end. After regrouping, we concluded that it was impossible to continue on FKT pace because of two upcoming 50+ mile segments where we could not access key locations (monsoon season transforms roads into washes) and no seasonal water whatsoever was available."



Eli Burakian on Cohos Trail (NH)
Complete - new FKT!

44.3778385, -71.5259152

Athlete: Eli Burakian
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

I will be attempting to set an unsupported record on NH's Cohos Trail. (Rob Rives has the self-supported record.) I hope to go under 100 hours carrying everything I need but water. I will be starting around 8am on Saturday, Sept. 7. 

9/07:  Started at 10:11, hiked until about 5:10am then took a ~4hr break near US Hwy 2.

9/08:  overnight near Christine Lake

9/09:  overnight on Mud Pond Ridge

9/10:  overnight at Hwy 3.

From Instagram:  "Cohos Trail is done! And I squeaked in just under 100 hours, my personal goal. I will post more tomorrow about the whole trip. It was an incredible solitary experience. Also, it was extremely wet and I probably hiked half of the miles in the rain and lived in wet clothing most of the time.
This tracker was stopped a bit early (funny story) so official Cohos Trail Unsupported FKT is 99 hours and 21 minutes."

James Varner on VA Appalachian Trail (VA)

36.643449610198, -81.758422552289

Athlete: James Varner
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: DNF

Day 1 (9/11):  Started at 3:45am (Raven Rocks), hike to just past Compton Peak, 50ish miles?

Day 2 (9/12):  Big Meadows, about 82.8 miles total.

Day 3 (9/13):  James bailed in the evening due to "lack of preparation".

Jenny Hoffman on Trans America Run (USA)
In progress

39.7392358, -104.990251

Athlete: Jenny Hoffman
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: In progress

"On Sept 11, 2019, I will begin a run across the United States of America from San Francisco to New York. My run is driven by gratitude for the beauty of this country, and the freedom it affords to dream big, work hard, and achieve goals. I will post daily updates [on Facebook], and more substantive reflections at, so please subscribe to both!

[I will be] following largely the same route as the current FKT holder Pete Kostelnick (, with a few minor variations). I'm attempting a supported FKT, like Pete. I've been in touch with Pete about this directly, and also with Sandra Villines who holds the female supported SF-to-NY FKT of 54 days & change."

Jenny is a 3 time National Champion at the 24 Hour run, with a best of 142.07 miles, and a professor of physics at Harvard University.

Day 1 (9/11):  Started SF City Hall about 5:00am , stopped at Mountain House (just north of I-580 exit 65)

Day 2 (9/12):  to Crimea House (Hwy 59, just past Keystone)

Day 3 (9/13):  to Siesta Lake on Tioga Pass Rd (Yosemite)

Day 4 (9/14):  to Hwy 120, SE of Mono Lake, approx 234 miles ?

Day 5 (9/15):  ended at US Hwy 6 about 10 miles east of Basalt, NV (55 miles for the day)

Day 6 (9/16):  ended a bit past Tonopah, NV (about 59 miles)

Day 7 (9/17):  "... and on the seventh day, she rested.  I walked 20 miles today, and made a tough decision to take the rest of the afternoon to ice a sore shin after a lot of descending over the last few days. I am optimistic that an afternoon off will give me time to recover, make some more efficient routines & plans for the rest of the trip, and start early with full energy & enthusiasm tomorrow!  Nevada desert is beautiful, sort of moon-like, but lots of little yellow flowers and lizards. No trees today, though.  Thanks again to everybody for encouraging messages!"

Day 8 (9/18):  Looks like Jenny made a quick recovery and covered about 63 miles!

Steve Bullers on Beara Breifne Way (Ireland)

53.5951306, -8.3608217

Athlete: Steve Bullers
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: DNF

I will be attempting to post an initial self-supported time for Beara Breifne - Ireland's longest waymarked way, approx 428 miles. I am aiming to equal or beat the O'Sullivan March of year 1608 of 14 days. I will be starting in Blacklion (co. Cavan)/Belcoo (co. Fermanagh) around 8am on Friday 13th September 2019 (lucky I'm not superstitious) and heading in a north to south direction finishing in Castletownbere, Co. Cork. My tracker will be set to 1 hour intervals to preserve battery life and switched off during overnight rest period.

9/13:  Started at 8:00am, southbound, stopped around 20:06 near Leitrim Village (about 40km).

9/14:  Stopped near Castlebaldwin / Lough Arrow.

16/Sep/2019 14:27:41 BST I have abandoned with 92.6 miles covered according to strava.  (Bad blister needing medical attention.)

Matt Zupan on Norman's 13 (CA)

37.0979892, -118.5176055

Athlete: Matt Zupan
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: DNF

I'll be giving this an unsupported go starting on 9/13 super early. Looks like a good weather window and a full moon! I've been scouting the route for the past month and feel pretty good about most of the beta! Plan is to free climb/unaided on both Thunderbolt and Sill.'s a huge line so definitely have my doubts about it but really stoked to give it a go!

Update:  Matt's tracker seems to be not working.  Someone from his family posted on 9/15:  "His GPS tracker doesn't seem to be picking him up as of Friday afternoon (9/13/19). He mentioned that there was another climber traveling in the opposite direction who started a day earlier than he did (Thursday, 9/12/19). Reaching out to see if there's anyone who may have crossed paths with him on the route, including the JMT. Also, is there any way to access logbook info from along the route(s)? Any info is much appreciated."

"Sorry about the malfunctioning tracker! Made it to ten of the 13 but bailed on the way up Whitney. It was a really hard decision but I’m so so hungry to come back and give this another proper go (with a touch more work on the beta ha!) thank you for all you do and massive shoutout for Ryan for setting what seemed to be the fkt! It was inspiring to cross paths with him on the route and all thanks to the community you guys create!"

Guillaume Arthus on Via Alpina, Red Trail (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Monaco)
In progress
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: In progress

My name is a Guillaume Arthus. I am 29 yo ultra runner from France.  Starting September 14th, 2019, I will attempt to run [self supported] the Via Alpina Red.  I am aiming to set the FKT record of 43 days. Previous known record (more a rumor than a documented trace) is told to be 60 days on French forums.

Day 1 (9/14): "VIA ALPINA - DAY 1  It is on! I started at 5:50. 8K done, only 2642km to go. Weather forecast is sunny for the 1st week.  There is some minor issues with the tracking web page: it shows only the last location and not the track. It is getting looked at 😉 (The safety team has acces to the full data, so nothing to worry about)"

Day 2 (9/15): "76K topped the 63 of yesterday. It was a good day despite a lot of road sections. Likely the last ones of those until Monaco area. Fine by me 😊"

Day 3 (9/16): "Only 52K done but with 4000m of elevation and one of the feared section, for its exposure and difficulty, is done. Perfectly on the expected target!"

Day 4 (9/17): "Done with Slovenia!  Followed the plan today and cruised through Triglav. I am heading to the town stop for the "night" and getting ready for Day 5 monster. The real test is tomorrow."

Becky Rogers on Pacific Crest Trail through OR (OR)
Not yet started

43.8533936, -121.9653216

Athlete: Becky Rogers
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Not yet started