Fastest Known Time - FKT

The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?


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  • Tall Climber Kevin:
    Continuing on the thread from the old site... Indeed my attempt ended around 10PM on the 24th. I was unsure if Adam was even going to get to start because he came down with the flu midway through the week. On Wednesday the 21st he called me to back… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Léonie van den Haak announced her intent to set the FKT (OKT?): "The date has been set: on April 29th I will start in Kyoto. Without getting lost the total distance should be 537km, even though Garmin has added some bonus miles...... I will share… read more »
  • Austin Pryor:
    Hey All! I believe that I am supposed to state my intentions at an FKT attempt? So myself and 3-5 others are going to attempt a new Unsupported FKT on the R2R Starting May 23 or 24th, 2018.
  • JonInVB:
    Will be attempting the "Dub Cap" starting this Friday morning. Solo, self-supported "Double" of the route. 105+ Miles Jamestown/Williamsburg to Richmond and then turning around and coming back. Will probably sleep on side of path as given the remote… read more »
  • Case:
    It was a great day on the trails! Here's the link to Derek's Suunto data...



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