FKT: Margaret Link - Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge (CA) - 2020-09-19

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Standard route
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3h 39m 19s

Went back after doing this route supported last weekend and tried it out alone & unsupported! Hot day in Santee and on the trails. Lots of rattlesnake warnings. If you're looking to take on this route, brace yourself for the back side of Cowles... it's just a steep, exposed, gravel fire road. Get started early, too — 7am is pretty much ALWAYS too late at Mission Trails. I went through all of my water, but being how this attempt was unsupported I didn't let myself walk up to someone's open garage in Santee and ask for water (a la... last weekend). 

Thanks Alan for submitting the info for this route! This is a great config that culminates in a joyful skip down Cowles to the parking lot. There's a vending machine down there, but it's $4 for a Powerade... Very "sweat and squeeze" of them. 

Happy (Mission) Trails! 


Really well done!  Glad you liked the route - it's a fun one :)