The FKT Team

Fastest Known Time is brought to you by the thousands of people like yourself, who are getting out, doing cool routes, and submitting them to this website...

As well as these three:

Peter Bakwin

With a PhD in Physics from Harvard University, Peter is extraordinarily qualified to keep track of your FKT efforts, fairly and accurately. Peter diligently maintained the FKT website ( for 10 years. He is also the only person to have completed the Hardrock Double (100 miles in one direction then 100 in the other, all within the normal cutoffs), along with countless other routes in the mountains and deserts of the west.

Buzz Burrell

Along with Peter, Buzz has helped popularize the term "Fastest Known Time", starting when they set the FKT on the John Muir Trail in the year 2000, a year after his FKT on the Colorado Trail. He manages Ultimate Direction, a manufacturer of adventure and running packs, and was previously employed by La Sportiva. Buzz's proudest accomplishment is not having died yet.

Jeff Schuler

Jeff develops websites and web applications through his company Substrate Websoft -- for organizations that focus on environment, empowerment, and education. Current projects include the Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland Metroparks' map app. He's working on notching down his road marathon PR before returning to the trails. Besides work and running, Jeff plays Brazilian music on the violin and mandolin. (@digmob)

Additional credits

Craig Randall is crushing our social media game. (@craigrandall)

The talented and kind Brian Bornhoeft designed the Fastest Known Time logo.

Kyle Richardson helped skillfully mix, master, and add music to the Fastest Known Podcast.