Posted Finished Athlete(s) Route Time
5 hours 4 minutes ago Cole Bishop, Joshua Higgins Rachel Carson Trail (PA) 9h 23m 40s
7 hours 16 minutes ago Sigi Iro Pfaelzer Weinsteig (Germany) 2h 0m 23s
2 days 1 hour ago Ben Thompson Reservoir Trail, Middlesex Fells (MA) 38m 30s
2 days 4 hours ago Michael Furrer Ämtlerwäg (Switzerland) 3h 59m 52s
2 days 22 hours ago Susan Oh Badlands Challenge (OR) 12h 36m 59s
2 days 22 hours ago John Clarke Mahaska Community Recreation Trail (IA) 1h 38m 26s
3 days 3 hours ago Karley Rempel, Megan Cooke Ralston Creek Trail (CO) 1h 38m 28s
3 days 4 hours ago Mikula Thalmann Around Lake of Biel (Switzerland) 4h 38m 51s
4 days ago Matt Andreski Bobcat Ridge 1h 30m 23s
4 days 22 hours ago Ruben De Backer LAW Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen (New version 2022) 14h 30m 0s
5 days 5 hours ago Ben St. Pierre Ironstone Loop (PA) 2h 14m 51s
5 days 15 hours ago Xavier Campos Smith Rock (OR) 33m 47s
5 days 16 hours ago Erin Ton Mt Sanitas (Boulder, CO) 23h 39m 18s
5 days 17 hours ago Nick Petterson Good Water Loop, Lake Georgetown (TX) 3h 57m 21s
5 days 19 hours ago Chris Fisher Colorado Fourteeners (CO) 72d 12h 10m 0s
5 days 20 hours ago Bill Dittman Superstition Ridgeline (AZ) 3h 6m 30s
5 days 22 hours ago Fabien Le Gallo Mount Si (WA) 1h 7m 57s
6 days 2 hours ago Brandon Latimer Chiricahua All Trails (AZ) 6h 18m 7s
1 week ago Piotr Babis Freycinet Peninsula Circuit 2h 33m 2s
1 week ago Haley Bidroski Castle/Medicine Root Lollipop (SD) 1h 3m 50s
1 week ago Pawel Cylich Wonders of Wakefield (United Kingdom) 2h 39m 46s
1 week ago Natalie Hyde Ralston Creek Trail (CO) 1h 48m 49s
1 week ago Gerwina Pollmann Grejsdalstien (Denmark) 1h 42m 27s
1 week 1 day ago Sean O'Keeffe The WaLK 3h 45m 14s
1 week 1 day ago Gayle Cowling Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail 4h 40m 14s