Posted Finished Athlete(s) Route Time
25 minutes 46 seconds ago Punta Santiago + Punta Hermandad + Leonera + Pintor + Parva 11h 25m 3s
16 hours 28 minutes ago Sean King Martinez Mountain (CA) 4h 40m 28s
19 hours 56 minutes ago Norman Siren Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail (MI) 11h 48m 14s
1 day 18 hours ago Magdalena Sznigir Lake Sevan Loop 1d 11h 29m 50s
2 days 5 hours ago Erin Ton, Ashly Winchester, Jason Hardrath, Chris Fisher Grand Gulch (UT) 10h 18m 39s
2 days 6 hours ago Erin Ton West Portal Point (UT) 1h 3m 55s
2 days 6 hours ago Erin Ton Devil’s Garden, Arches NP (UT) 1h 9m 0s
2 days 9 hours ago Emily Monahan-Morang Bobcat Ridge 2h 21m 46s
2 days 10 hours ago Gordon Clark Park to Playa Trail (CA) 2h 19m 33s
2 days 13 hours ago Debbie McElwaine Western Greenway (MA) 2h 40m 14s
2 days 15 hours ago Scott Kulm Old Putnam Rail Trail (Brewster to the Bronx, NY) 5h 59m 2s
2 days 19 hours ago Claudia Binder Traufgang Wiesenrunde (Germany) 1h 0m 49s
3 days 11 hours ago Matthew Matta Sunny Valley Trail (CT) 1h 13m 29s
3 days 12 hours ago David Starley Camel Trail (United Kingdom) 4h 25m 28s
4 days 8 hours ago Travis Muhonen Mt Monadnock White Dot Trail (NH) 24m 14s
4 days 18 hours ago Jen Day Denton, Layne Denton "A Walk in the Park" (CO) 12h 18m 42s
4 days 18 hours ago Jen Day Denton Uinta Crusher Loop (UT) 14h 18m 59s
4 days 20 hours ago Maratona Serra do Cipó-Lapinha Serra/MG 5h 24m 0s
4 days 20 hours ago Timothy Nooney Black Mountain Crest Trail (NC) 5h 23m 40s
5 days 6 hours ago Matthew Seidel Mount Diablo (CA) 3h 6m 8s
5 days 8 hours ago Jason Hardrath, Chris Fisher Aries Butte - via Led by Sheep (UT) 1h 3m 1s
5 days 17 hours ago Emily Keddie Big Rock Ridge (CA) 1h 45m 41s
5 days 20 hours ago Erin Ton, Jason Hardrath, Chris Fisher Baptist Draw - Chute Canyon Loop (UT) 2h 3m 35s
6 days 11 hours ago Amy Blackburn New Forest W to E 4h 13m 53s
6 days 11 hours ago Pawel Cymbalista East Highland Way 12h 40m 18s