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Michael Koppy on Superior Hiking Trail (MN)
Complete - new FKT!

47.7110873, -90.5061525

Athlete: Michael Koppy
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

I'd like to announce that I will be attempting the overall supported FKT on the Superior Hiking Trail, starting at the northern terminus (270 Overlook) to the southern terminus at the Minnesota/Wisconsin border starting on May 29th, 2020.  I'm planning for 96 hours.

Note that my tracker will have the name "Geoffrey".

5/29:  Started ~6:20am.  Ran thru the night, with a ~1hr stop at Caribou Trail marking 24 hours, about 76 miles.

5/31:  Left CR7 (Baptism River, 133 miles) ~9:00am, so that's about 50h40m.

6/01:  At ~72 hr passed Gooseberry Falls SP, about 182 miles.

6/02 at 12:30pm, Martin Rd (~250 miles) in about 4d6h.

6/03:  Michael reached the southern terminus at about 10:18am, for a new supported FKT of ~ 5d4h !  CONGRATS!

Holger Nolte on Roswitha-Weg (Germany)

52.6380924, 9.2084155

Athlete: Holger Nolte
Start date:
Style: Unsupported, accompanied
Status: DNF

First of all, we would like to thank you so much for all the work you are doing for the global community of runners. Especially now with all the additional workload due to exploding FKTs. You give us something to hold on to and to keep us motivated in these difficult times!

We would also like to announce, that we will attempt to set an initial FKT on the Roswitha-Weg in Germany this weekend. "We" is Holger Nolte and myself (Morten Surhoff). We will try to complete the route unsupported as a team. We will comply to all local rules and regulation regarding the current pandemic. Our attempt will be northbound, starting on Sat., May 30th 8:00 a.m. German time (UTC+2) and we will broadcast our progress via this link:

Hopefully, we will be able to send the evidence documents of a successful attempt on Monday! ;)

Best regards and thanks again,
Holger and Morten


-Lots of info on the tracker link!

66+km in the first 12 hours.

Holger's tracker page indicates he stopped after ~123km.


Unfortunately I have to report a failed attempt on the Roswitha-Weg. 

We clearly underestimated the hills in the first quarter of the course and then exhaustion and blisters slowed us down to point where it was clear that our supplies wouldn't last to the finish, even if we could reach it. 

We are still in the "I will never do anything like that ever again"-phase, but you know how it goes... ;) 

Jacob Snochowski on The Dales Way (UK)

54.1962686, -2.1632062

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: DNF

Starting coming Saturday +/-8am.

Solo with road support. 

Update:  No tracker data for several hours.  Appears Jacob may have stopped ~14:45, about 10km short of Cowgill ?

Coree Woltering on Ice Age Trail (WI)
In progress

42.9189255, -88.4736933

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: In progress
Tracker: SPOT Tracker

Day 1 (6/01): St Croix Falls through McKenzee Creek Segment. Tomorrow I start at Indian Falls. Started an IAT FKT Attempt at 7am on June 1. Here we go. Ticks, bugs, heat today. 86.5 km.

Day 2 (6/02): Indian Creek to the first miles of Bear Lake. Had a damn meltdown today about ticks and mosquitoes. Spent hours pulling over 100s of ticks off me. After making some calls, we have figured out a solution. Back on the game tomorrow. 46.4 km / 132.9 total

Day 3 (6/03): End is Grassy through Southern Blue Hills + road connection miles. 97.1 km / 230.0 total

Mike Jones on Peak District Boundary Walk (UK)
Not yet started

53.259082, -1.9148299999999

Athlete: Mike Jones
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Not yet started

At 8am UK time on Friday 5th June I'll be attempting a supported FKT on the Peak District Boundary Walk with an aim of 72h. Tracker link: