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Karel Sabbe on Via Alpina, Red Trail (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Monaco)
Complete - New FKT!

46.418823, 9.22589

Athlete: Karel Sabbe
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - New FKT!


From Karel on 7/6 - Tomorrow is D-day (July 7)!
At 4.30AM we start the FKT attempt on the 2650km long Via Alpina.

Follow along through the link
So thankful for the crew to make this happen. Off we go 😁💪!
2650km of scenic beauty, linking all highlights the Alps have to offer.
Starting in Trieste, Italy, going all the way through Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and France to finish in Monaco.
I'm going to try to break @runnexplorer (Guillaume Arthus, fellow Barker) his time of 44 days, 9 hours.

James Forrest on National Three Peaks Challenge (United Kingdom)
Complete - New FKT!

56.7968571, -5.0035505

Athlete: James Forrest
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: Complete - New FKT!
Mario Hipleh on GR 11, Travesía Pirenaica (Spain)
Complete - New FKT!

43.39142, -1.79205

Athlete: Mario Hipleh
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: Complete - New FKT!


 I will try a Self-supported approach for the gr11 and start on august 21 from San Sebastian walking east.

Please feel free to follow me and post my map share on your website:

and follow me on my website:

as well as my IG: 






Nick Fowler on Pacific Northwest Trail (WA, ID, MT)
Complete - New FKT pending verification

48.9327629, -113.6092671

Athlete: Nick Fowler
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: Complete - New FKT pending verification

I’ll be starting a self-supported FKT attempt on the Pacific Northwest Trail beginning Monday morning 8/23/21, headed eastbound. The goal is to finish by 9/23/21.

Garmin InReach Live Tracker for Tracking Now:
I will submit trail notes and photos after completion.

The PNT is unique in that there’s a “congressional”, “primary” as suggested by the PNT, as well as various “alternate” routes. When initially mapping out the route I noticed differences in different maps so I called the PNTA to confirm the primary route they suggest. I will be following the “primary route” as suggested by the PNTA, as some sections of the “congressional route” were decommissioned in the 90’s (even though it was designated by congress in the 2009 - the PNTA has no clue why they signed off on decommissioned areas. Good ol tax dollars being used wisely by the super efficient government again I suppose.)

There are currently several closures (some of which have been there for years) on the PNT that the PNTA has suggested reroutes for that I’ll be following so I don’t end up dying in a mudslide, forest fire or end up getting shot by a tree farmer. Some of these reroutes are longer, a couple are shorter.
1. Undi Rd Closure near Olympic National Park (2.2 on reroute vs 1.3 on Primary Route = 0.9 longer)
2. Timber Harvest closure on Mt Josephine (3.7 on reroute vs 4.2 on Primary Route = 0.5 shorter)
3. Chopaka Rd Closure (11.1 miles on reroute vs 9.3 on Primary Route = 1.8 longer)
4. Bonaparte Mtn Fires closure: (32.4 on reroute vs 29 on Primary Route = 3.4 miles longer)
5. Wildfire closure west of Lookout Mountain. (5.2 miles on reroute vs 13.5 on Primary Route = 8.3 shorter)
6. Hay Creek Fire (43.8 miles on reroute vs 47.2 on Primary Route = 3.4 shorter)

Total mileage difference with closures = 6.1 shorter

In order to put forth an equal effort I will be starting my timer from the Lake Ozette connecting trail before the PNT begins to add 3.1 miles as well as hike around the Quillayute River instead of taking a boat ride across it to add an additional 5.1 miles (8.2 total additional miles). This will bring the mileage difference to 2.1 more miles than the Primary PNT route.

Happy Hiking!
- Nick



8/23:  Started ~ 9:30am

9/13:  About halfway across the ID panhandle.  Nick has hiked about 980 miles so far.

Ended 9/19 at 6:09pm pacific time = 27 days 13 hours 32 minutes 

Nick Pedatella on Colorado Trail (CO)
Complete - New FKT!

37.3314341, -107.902592

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - New FKT!

I am attempting the supported FKT on the CO trail starting the morning of August 27. I plan to start in Durango and take the Collegiate West variation. Live tracking will be here:

8/27:  Start at 7:21am

8/28:  Crossed US-550 (74 miles) at just under 24 hours.

8/29:  Nick passed CO-149 early in the morning and was at ~135 miles after 48 hours.

8/30:  Just about 200 miles after 72 hours this morning, a bit west of Sargents Mesa.

8/31:  After 4 days Nick is near Tincup on the Collegiate West part of the route, and has about 228.3 miles to go and has traveled about 265.6 miles.

9/01:  5 days in Nick is north of Twin Lakes, with about 174 miles to go! (~ 317 miles done)

9/02:  Nick took a few hours at Highway 91 this morning, 117 miles to go with 6 days down.  He needs to finish be 7:51am on 9/04 to set the FKT for this particular version of the CT, but about 11 hours earlier to get the overall FKT for ANY version (the overall was set by running the Collegiate East option).

9/03:  Nick took a nap break at Long Gulch this morning and got back underway around 8:15am with 57 miles to go.  Weather is good - not hot.  He may finish tonight!  At 4:51pm Nick has just about 28 miles to go.

9/04:  00:51 - Done!    Approx time of 7d17h30m.

Karen Holland on Bruce Trail (ON, Canada)
Complete - New FKT pending verification

43.1155973, -79.2538819

Athlete: Karen Holland
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - New FKT pending verification

 Karen Holland started on Friday, September 3rd and has averaged ~100km/day thus far. She's in great spirits and moving super well.

Many updates on IG. inReach link on her website.


Michael Versteeg on Colorado Trail (CO)

37.3314341, -107.902592

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: DNF





9/08:  Started 9:00am

9/09:  About 78 miles in the first 24 hours

9/10:  Michael's tracker is having a lot of issues.  But, at 8:40pm he was at the Twin Lakes Dam, 180.7 miles in just under 60 hours.  Note his tracker is reporting on Central Time (1 hour later than local time).

9/11:  ~ at Winfield for a sleep break.  197 miles in 72 hours (very close to Nick Pedatella's pace going the other direction 2 weeks ago)

9/12:  Sleep break at Monarch Pass this morning, 260 miles in 96 hours

9/13:  ~ 320 miles at 5 days (Saguache Park Rd)

9/14:  Carson Saddle (~ 379 miles) at 6 days.  With just about 110 miles to go Michael is ~ 7 miles ahead of Nick Pedatella's pace (in the opposite direction)

Sharon Gayter on North Coast 500 (United Kingdom)

57.4763113, -4.2251455

Athlete: Sharon Gayter
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: DNF
Tracker: Tracker
Mike Coppock on Haute Route Pyrenees (Spain, Andorra, France)
In progress

43.372462777, -1.761972803

Athlete: Mike Coppock
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: In progress
Tracker: SPOT Tracker

9/13:  Started ~ 5:54, hiked until 21:10 to Lindus

9/14:  To Refugio del Belagua (on the S side of Lakhura)

9/15:  To Candanchu

9/16:  To Lac d'Arratille

9/17:  To Parzan

9/18:  Lac du Milieu

9/19:  Bosc dera Restanca

9/20:  Alos d'Isil