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Dan Barger on Western States 200 (CA)
Complete - new FKT!

39.1554673, -120.5023204

Athlete: Dan Barger
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!
Tracker: Tracker

Dan's second attempt after DNF at ~ 125 miles on 8/1.  Last time he got to Squaw in about 30h15m.  Let's see how it goes this time!

Starting Sept. 11, 2020 5:00am, from the Placer High School Track.  The route will follow the (modern day) route of the WS 100  Auburn-Squaw-Auburn.  I was entered in the 2020 race and after it was cancelled along with the Tor des Geants (Italy) in September I channeled energy into attempting my first 200 mile distance.  Air quality permitting - backup date is 9/18.

Here he goes again!

10/30, 12:23 at Foresthill

10/30, 13:43 at Michigan Bluff

10/31, 9:34am at Squaw Valley

11/1, 16:48 at Auburn !


Joe Miller on Ozark Trail (MO)
Complete - new FKT!

37.4763889, -91.0069444

Athlete: Joe Miller
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!
Tracker: SPOT tracker

My plan is to begin my run along the 230 mile continuous section of the Ozark Trail in Missouri on Monday Nov 16th at 4 AM from the Eleven Point Trailhead.