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Becky Rogers on Pacific Crest Trail (CA, OR, WA)
In progress

32.589741, -116.466981

Athlete: Becky Rogers
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: In progress

I will be attempting the South to North CA OR WA Pacific Crest Trail Self-Support FKT starting in June 1.  This FKT attempt is supported by XOSKIN and D-Lytes.

There are several closures currently on the PCT.  I will reroute around those as needed.

6/15:  Becky made it to Big Bear Lake in the evening, Mile 263.  Looks like she took a zero there on 6/16.  Note that she has hiked about 10% of the PCT in over 25% of the FKT time, so it's fair to say the FKT is out of reach.

Timothy Olson on Pacific Crest Trail (CA, OR, WA)
In progress

32.589741, -116.466981

Athlete: Timothy Olson
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: In progress

Updates on the FKT plus notable sites that are tracking.

- The Outside online microwebsite around Tim’s attempt -
- Adidas Blog page around the attempt. -

6/7 - Courtesy of dom_grossman

@timothyallenolson working through miles 350-400, realizing the hard adjustments from ultra running to multi-week long trail projects. There’s things runners are better at, and things thru-hikers are better at, but more than anything the record demands resiliency.

For those curious, he’s completed 362 in his first week, and is trying to stay above 50 miles a day for as long as possible to absorb tougher days in the high Sierra. Ultimately he has to average 50.6 miles over 2655-ish miles to take the supported FKT which is currently 52 days, 8 hours.

His crew isn’t sharing exact location in attempt to respect covid protocols and avoid large crowds coming out, however he does have a small documentary team with him filming. I have been letting him know how much everyone around the world is pulling for him and he is feeling the love. 🌎 ❤️

6/8 - passing through Sheep Mountain Wilderness

6/9 - passing the San Gabriel Wilderness

6/15 - 

  • Last night Timothy reached Kennedy Meadows - this is a big milestone: the traditional kick-off to the High Sierra.
  • He survived the Mohave, came through the San Bernadino’s, and now the real game begins as he goes from the deserts to 10,000’ high passes.
  • Kennedy Meadows is at 696 miles; with a start on June 1 that equals 49.71 miles/day.
  • The PCT is 2,592 miles; the Supported FKT is 52.35 days by Karl Sabbe
  • That FKT averages 49.51 mpd, so he is almost EXACTLY on pace
  • After two full weeks on the Trail, that is extraordinary - game on!
  • Note: The Sierra’s are in a record-breaking drought, so the lack of snow should allow good progress
  • Both Karel and Stringbean actually started somewhat slowly and worked into their fast paces; it is possible he is slightly ahead of their pace at the this point.

6/17 - Timothy is in a more remote area of the Southern Sierra where he will  have to do some camping.  Camped last night near Arrowhead Lake.

6/19 - Cruised through Reds Meadow in the late afternoon, 907 miles.

RJ Thompson on Long Trail (VT)

42.743813, -73.1558407

Athlete: RJ Thompson
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: DNF
Tracker: SPOT Tracker

This will be my second attempt at the unsupported FKT (I came off the trail at App Gap in 2014).

You can follow my progress here:

The SPOT recording interval is set to 10 minutes to preserve battery life. I'll also be wearing a Suunto Ambit3 Peak, recording in the lowest accuracy setting to preserve battery life. I will upload that track when I come off the trail.

Updates may also be shared intermittently on the @vermonthuts instagram account where cellular service is available.

Many thanks to those who've set such a high bar on this beautiful trail. I've watched the record get faster over the years, and I know the stars will need to align for this attempt to be a success.


6/10:  Started 7:07am, southbound

6/11:  7:25 at VT 15 (49.7 miles)

6/12:  After just over 48 hours RJ crossed Bolton Rd, ~ 87 miles

6/13:  Middlebury Gap at ~11:30, 137 miles in about 76 hours

6/14:  ~ 172 miles in 96 hours, but then RJ pulled the plug at N Shrewsbury.

Branislav Pavic on Bohusleden (Sweden)
Complete - new FKT!

57.5632672, 12.140439

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

Looks like he completed the route in 62h20m43s.  Pending verification.

Mikaela Osler on Long Trail (VT)
Complete - new FKT!

42.743813, -73.1558407

Athlete: Mikaela Osler
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

Mikaela is keeping her tracker link private for safety reasons.  This is an unsupported attempt - please don't try to find her!

6/11:  Started 5:52am southbound, slept near Plot Rd ~ 45 miles on Day 1

6/12:  stopped for a night just short of Rte 2, ~ 85 miles total

6/13:  to just shy of Mt Grant, ~ 121 miles

6/14:  finished the day a little short of US-4, about 162 miles total

6/15:  looks like Mikaela continued through the night, crossing VT 140 (191 miles) in the late evening (11pm). Pack must be getting light!

6/16:  At mid-afternoon (~3pm) she has ~ 54 miles to go.  Must finish by about 5:32pm on 6/17 to claim the FKT !

6/17:  At 11:30am Mikaela is about 1.4 miles from VT-9.  From there it's just 14.3 miles to the finish! 

6/17 - 5:25pm she finished!  New FKT pending approval

Jason Hardrath on Washington Bulgers (WA)
In progress

47.4788847, -120.8331942

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: In progress

Starting on June 13th (mountain weather permitting)

The goal is to average 2 peaks per day for 100 peaks = 50 days

The following is an intended peak order barring weather and/or changes in Canadian Border (standard access to Chilliwacks) - In all truth, this order is likely to change as I adapt around weather conditions.

Windy (1/100), 6/13 at 7:36
Cathedral (6/13 at ?) - Amphitheater (6/13 at 16:41) - Remmel (6/13 at 20:58) (4/100)
West Craggy (6/14 at 17:12) - Big Craggy (6/14 at 15:48) (6/100)
Lake (6/15 at 20:42) - Monument (6/16 at 10:28) - Blackcap (6/16 at 14:56) - Osceola (?) (10/100)
Carru (6/17 at 13:28) - Lago (6/17 at 15:40) - Ptarmigan (6/17 at 18:05) - Lost (6/18 at 10:19) (14/100)
Robinson (6/19 at 12:10) (15/100)
Raven - Hoodoo - Biglow - Martin - Switchback (6/20 at 10:49) (20/100)
Star (6/21 at 12:32) - Courtney - Oval (23/100)
Abernathy - Gardner - North Gardner (26/100)
Reynolds (27/100)
Stuart - Sherpa - Argonaut - Colchuck - Dragontail - Little Annapurna
- McClellan - Enchantment - Cannon - Cashmere (37/100)
Clark - Luahna (39/100)
Buck - Fortress - Chiwawa - Dumbell - Greenwood (44/100)
Fernow - Seven Finger Jack - Maude - Spectacle (48/100)
Pinnacle - Saska - Emerald - Cardinal (52/100)
Copper (53/100)
Martin - Bonanza - Dark (56/100)
Dome - Sinister (58/100)
Tupshin - Devore - Flora (61/100)
Silver Star - Big Snagtooth (63/100)
Tower, Golden, Azurite (66/100)
Black, Goode, Storm King (69/100)
Logan (70/100)
Cosho, Kimtah, Katsuk, Mesahchie (74/100)
Snowfield (75/100)
Primus, Austera, Klawatti, Dorado, Eldorado (80/100)
Forbidden, Boston, Sahale, Horseshoe, Buckner (85/100)
Formidable (86/100)
Jack (87/100)
Rahm - Custer - Spickard - E. Mox (91/100)
H. Mox - Redoubt (93/100)
Shuksan - Baker (95/100)
Glacier (96/100)
Little Tahoma - Rainier (98/100)
Adams - St. Helens (100/100)

Jeremy Howard on Long Trail (VT)

42.743813, -73.1558407

Athlete: Jeremy Howard
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: DNF

Its official - I am going to start Thursday morning and hopefully dodge a storm on the higher peaks that is being for Saturday. I am a planning for a SOBO route starting from the northern terminus at around 5am on 6/17. Goal is to take on Jeff Garmire's Unsupported record. 

I am super excited to take this historic path on in the steps of the many who have gone before me. I am also grateful for the support of all you at Thank you guys for your passion for this amazing world and for being such a great platform for all things FKT!

This effort is also being run to raise awareness for those who are challenged to access the outdoors and do these crazy things that we may sometimes take for granted. I am excited to partner with the, who I have worked with in the past. My goal is to simply give some of those voices a small platform to be recognized for the quiet heroes they all are. Here is a link to a write up in The Boston Globe yesterday.

I am preferring to keep my tracking semi-private just to preserve the integrity of the FKT rules on this route.

6/17:  Started at 6am

6/18:  Crossed VT-15 (49.7 miles) at roughly 26 hours.

6/19:  Crossed US-2 (86.9 miles) at around 47 hours

6/20:  125 miles at ~ 73 hours

6/21: at 16:13 crossing VT-140, 190.8 miles

6/22: Ended with 16 miles 


Eli Burakian on Live Free or Die Route (NH)
In progress

42.720942760863, -72.248294159725

Athlete: Eli Burakian
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: In progress

I will be beginning the Live Free or Die Route tomorrow, Saturday June 19. My tracking link is

I will also be posting on my instagram  @eliburakian

Whitney Pearson on Long Trail (VT)
In progress

42.743813, -73.1558407

Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: In progress

Hi all ! I will be going for the women’s unsupported record and starting on June 22nd at 5:36am et!   Follow on my Instagram @mummahiker for updates, 

Day 1 - 52.5 miles