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Billy "Wahoo" Meredith on Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA)
In progress

32.589741, -116.466981

Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: In progress

Tomorrow morning at roughly 7:39am pt I will be starting my Calendar Year Triple Crown FKT attempt from the Southern Terminus of the PCT. I will be using my inreach mini to post location updates every four hours while on this hike, and my tracking link is

Claire Bannwarth on Colorado Trail (CO)
Complete - New FKT!

37.3314341, -107.902592

Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: Complete - New FKT!


I just want to let you know that I will try to hike the colorado trail in about 9-10 days from west to east, collegial loop east (or maybe west if I am in a sub9 days pace at the junction), starting this Thursday 27th of july. I will do it self -supported, carrying everything I need with me and planning to resupply food three times on the local shops.
I will be wearing a garmin inreach (link to follow me: 

Claire Bannwarth

Kristian Morgan on Appalachian Trail (AT)
Complete - New FKT pending verification

34.626652, -84.193899

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - New FKT pending verification

Hi this is Kristian Morgan, trail name “Captain” or “Down Over” as the thru hikers know me from 2021. During 2018 I paced/mueled and crewed Karel Sabbe for 15 days. He went on to set a supported NoBo FKT on the Appalachian trail. The experience inspired me a great deal. I pursued my own attempts in 2019, 2021 and 2022, Currently I hold the second fastest time in the world, 44d, 4h 54m, set in 2022. I was privileged to be helped by so many generous people including my crew “Gun Section” (Sharon Mullan), “IceMan” (David Martin) and “FishBoy” (Stephan Grierson). This year, 2023 we will be setting out for our 4th attempt. I will have the same crew. We will go Sobo as so if we fall off record pace for the overall FKT (41d 7h 39m) we will aim to set the SoBo record held by Karl “SpeedGoat” Meltzer 45d 22h 38m. I will carry a live tracker (Garmin Inreach Mini 2). Our start date will be August 2 2023 





Lee Wingate on JOGLE / LEJOG (UK)
In progress

57.958670994267, -4.0630060248077

Athlete: Lee Wingate
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: In progress


Lee started on 1st September and has completed 11 days of running in the heat, Unsupported and only having between 3 to 4 hours sleep a night,

This is Lee third attempt, The first attempt the pram failed, the second attempt he had problems with nearly being knocked over and pram issues.

Third attempt he will be succeed with more training, better safety and modified pram which was completed by local RAC patrols in his home town of Portsmouth

Lee often runs half marathons before work and completed many marathons in the past, His Granddad was a Royal Marine Commando and is completing this in his name and raising funds for the Royal marines and their families.


He has packed all his food and water and sleeping in a tent and stopping at streams for his water - He was also invited for a training day down to the prestigious training centre in Lympstone  in Exmouth where  they train  Royal Marin commandos.


Lee should be at his final destination around 22nd to 25th September.