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Clayton Barker, Ian Nostrant on North Country Trail, Michigan UP Section (MI)
Complete - New FKT!

45.8755685, -84.7322959

Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: Complete - New FKT!

Hello, on Monday, October 18th myself- Clayton Barker and Ian Nostrant will be attempting to beat Scott Kentners FKT on the Upper Peninsula section of the North Country Trail In Michigan.

This will be in a Self Supported Fashion.

Both myself (Clayton) and Ian just finished up the Continental Divide Trail, for myself finishing my southbound triple crown. We are both from Michigan and are very excited to hit the ground running-in our home state with the beautiful fall foliage.

10/18:  Started ~ 4:52am CDT at the MI-WI border, heading east

10/23:  Arrived in Marquette (~ 263 miles) in the evening.

10/24:  Overnight around mile 311 (7 days total)

10/25:  To ~ 358.5 miles (Hurricane River)

10/26:  To Two Hearted River, 409.5 miles in 9 days

10/27:  overnight near Mile 460

10/29:  Complete at 11:59am ! New FKT of 11d 7h 7m (approx, pending verification)

Jason Wish on Sheltowee Trace (KY)
Complete - New FKT!

38.095991, -83.545351

Athlete: Jason Wish
Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: Complete - New FKT!

10/24:  Start at 5:00am southbound

10/25:  ~ 44.5 miles at 24 hours

10/26:  ~83.1 miles in 48 hours

10/27:  127 miles in 72 hours (Turkey Foot)

10/28:  174.4 miles in 96 hours (Falls City Rd)

10/29:  215.6 miles in 120 hours (Cumberland Falls SP)

10/31:  Last night at Charit Creek CG, ~289 miles and approx. 26.3 to go!  Done at 20:49 = 7d 15h 49m (approx)


Alyssa Clark on Pinhoti Trail (AL, GA)
Complete - New FKT pending verification

32.9781175, -86.3536711

Athlete: Alyssa Clark
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - New FKT pending verification


11/21:  Started ~ 5:30am, sleep break near Dalton (about 60 miles)

11/22:  to GA100 (~ 123 miles total)

11/23:  58.5 miles to CR70

11/26:  at ~ 9:30am (5d4h) Alyssa reached SR-148 with about 39 miles to go !  Finished ~ 23:45 = 5d18h15m (approx)