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George Mihalakellis on Great Dividing / Goldfields Track (Australia)
Complete - new FKT!

-37.35, 144.15

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

on Friday the 7th of December at 10 am, ill be attempting a fully supported FKT running the Goldfields Track from South to North. Mt. Bunningyong to Bendigo. Carrying a spot 3 tracker and recording with Suunto 9 as well. Aiming for sub 30 hours for the 210 km distance. Link will be provided to tracker.

The FKT was completed in 35 hours approx . 9.44 am Friday and 8.46 pm on Saturday night. I’ll send through the data for verification . Oh man I love this .

Antonio Sierra on Florida Trail (FL)

27.2706488, -80.9925119

Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: DNF
Tracker: SPOT Tracker