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Joe "Stringbean" McConaughy on Arizona Trail (AZ)
Complete - new FKT!

34.1255014, -111.4859466

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

His blog for more updates and ways to donate

Strava -

3/23 - started at 9:30 local - 54.09 miles, 11,781 ft of gain (Patagonia at 21:25)  Weather was great throughout the day but turned into some pretty serious storms later - video recap - -

3/24 - 63.6 miles, 8202 ft of gain (Pistol Hill) "Yesterday on Day 2, Joe hiked through all kinds of weather but still managed to log 64 miles and was feeling very good at the end of the day. He had originally planned to hike a few more miles but the target campsite was closed so there was a small change of plans."  The Day 2 Recap Video can be found here:

3/25 - 66.3 miles, 17,283 ft of gain (Mount Lemmon) -  went over both Mt Mica (8,668 feet) and Mt Lemmon (9,159 feet) - video recap is here:

3/26 -  77.33 miles, 10,889 ft of gain (Ray Junction) - he ran 52 miles, ate a grilled cheese, and then ran another marathon.- recap video…

3/27 - 56.93 miles, 10,896 feet of gain Joe crossed US60 near Superior at about 16:15.  That's just over 300 miles in 4d6h45m or so.

3/28 - 67.89 miles, 14,078 ft of gain ~12:50pm at Vineyard TH (Roosevelt Lake), approx. 348 miles, 5d3h20m

Summary so far:

Day 1 (3/23):  54.1 miles / 11,781' gain

Day 2 (3/24):  63.6 miles / 8,802' gain

Day 3 (3/25):  66.3 miles / 17,283' gain

Day 4 (3/26):  77.3 miles / 10,889' gain

Day 5 (3/27):  56.9 miles / 10,896' gain

Day 6 (3/28):  67.9 miles / 14,078' gain

= 386.1 miles in 6 days

3/29 - finished the day at Twin Buttes TH

3/30 - Pine (Route 87) at 8:16am, about 464 miles total in just under 7 days

3/31 - In the morning, Joe took a ~5hr break at Gooseberry TH, south of Mormon Lake, ~ 531 miles in 8d

4/01 - ~9:30am at I-40 (Flagstaff) about 577 miles in 9d

4/03 - Crossed the Rim Drive ~ 6:12am, heading into the Grand Canyon!  Reach Phantom Ranch right at 10d23h (698 miles) - 100 miles to go!

4/05 - Joe lost a bunch of time on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon due to snow and possibly other factors.  But is back on track and now (10:30am) only 10-11 miles to finish!

~1:04pm DONE  roughly 13d3h30m for a new FKT by well over a day.  Congrats Stringbean!

Fawn Hernandez on Ouachita Trail (OK, AR)
Complete - new FKT!

34.7829524, -94.9515017

Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

I'm raising money for my local Boys & Girls Clubs who's members have been running in support of my adventure for the past several weeks. If you'd like to contribute please visit: 

3/28:  Started 9:00am

3/29:  After a short (~4hr) sleep break, Fawn started again around 4am.

3/30:  Another short sleep break at Rainy Creek before hitting the trail again about 6am

4/01:  Fawn hiked straight through the night to finish the trail at about 7:15am, so an FKT of just under 4 days!

Bailey "Blade" Gripshover on Arizona Trail (AZ)

34.1255014, -111.4859466

Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: DNF

She will be starting 3/30 in the afternoon, attempting the women's self supported record (currently held by Anish)

3/30:  Started ~1pm at the alternate TH, stopped for the night near Parker Canyon Lake.

3/31:  After a brief break in Patagonia (mile 51), back on the trail at about 5:20pm.  O/n in Temporal Gulch.

4/01:  Box Canyon Rd ~ 1:25pm

4/02:  Crossed I-10 a bit after 7am, 111 miles

4/02:  1:00pm "Back on trail at 119.2. Didn't nap but feeling fairly refreshed. Lady at the [Collosal Cave] store said it'll be 91 today - time to climb outta this heat hole!"

4/03:  9:00am crossed N San Pedro River Rd, ~ mile 151

4/04:  Bailey took a break at Highjinks (196 miles): "Shower, laundry, nap, charging, and resupply box acquired."

4/05:  Unfortunately, Bailey's attempt has ended at mid-day today:

"Well, it's been fun, but time to call off my attempt. My right Achilles has been tender and swollen for a couple days, and hasn't resolved."

"Thanks to all for your support, it means the world to me. Blade out :)"

Candice Burt on Arizona Trail (AZ)

34.1255014, -111.4859466

Athlete: Candice Burt
Start date:
Style: Self-supported
Status: DNF

Day 1: Mexico to Patagonia, AZ. I knew based on last year’s attempt that day 1 is hard due to elevation (9000ft mtn climb + lots of climbing- 10,000ft), necessity of carrying a lot of water, and having gotten up at 2am to get to the start (started at 6:57am from border) with a long drive and 3.5 mile hike to the border start, day 1 is certainly one of the toughest sections of the whole AZT. I kept my pace easy and focused knowing that a heavy pack and long day would be very strenuous. I knocked out 50 miles and this morning got a little unexpected resupply in Patagonia as a convenience store was open, yay 😃 also got to hose off my shirt and wet my clothes for another very hot day ahead...

If Day 1 takes courage and bravado to even start Day 2 is pure faith. You have to trust yourself. Trust your body. Everything hurts and it only gets worse as the hot day progresses. Big climbs, lots of time refilling water, heavy pack, passing many thru hikers and painfully slow progress like my body is made of glass and if I move too fast I might shatter. I didn’t train with a pack. This seems excruciatingly stupid on day 2. Plus it’s quite hot and the climbs are exposed dirt 4x4 roads up Mt Wrightson. Finally I summit and for a moment a cool breeze invigorates me. I realized to finish something this big you have to create and embrace fleeting joyful moments and create joy: wetting my shirt in some water, taking a break to wash my socks, feet, legs the dry in the sun. It all takes time. Faith used here is believing in your self enough to take these moments even though they take time. Faith that if you care for your feet ...go to sleep an hour earlier...that it will help you over the next 2 weeks. It’s ok to take time. Morning of day 3 and my body feels significantly, miraculously better. Much better. How is it possible? Because I took the time, didn’t push too hard, focused. You have to have faith to take the time your body needs so you don’t have to quit later. So you can feel joy each day. Suffering is fine, but so so much better with joy intermingled. I’m not glass today, I’m made of what the universe itself is made of 💫

Day 3 felt like I was letting go of some of my attachments to comfort and accepting the aches and pains which were less intense than day 2, quite miraculously. Don’t get me wrong, running with a thru hiker backpack full of Camping gear, food and water is gonna hurt but it felt like my body was making progress, rather than just breaking down. Can I actually adapt on such a tough and long route? We shall see! I suspect the human body does and that mine will. Although my body felt better, it didn’t feel ‘great’ 😂 and day 3 was by far the hottest, I’m confident it was 100F through some of the most exposed terrain as I approached Tucson and for the first time I severely miscalculated water so I had to run without it for a couple hours in the heat of the day. Just as I was mildly panicking and not feeling well something caught my eye on the trail. It was a sunbrella. That’s an umbrella for the sun. I thought wow that looks nice. Then realized I might as well take it being that someone had left it behind, probably dropping off a pack or set down and forgotten. I figured I’d see its owner and hand it back, in the meantime it was just what I needed. I know I already used the word miraculous but dear friends this was impossible to describe any other way. It was a god send and I wish I could thank the owner, who I never did find. 👼


My air mattress has officially died after popping three times, no more repair. Blisters all over my feet including under my big toenail, weird red bumpy rash all over my legs. Day 4 done 😂 😂

Ultrarunning is not glamorous”
An illustration of the concept in photos, scroll 👉
⚠️ Warning: gross runner legs & feet

I abandoned my attempt to complete the 800mile Arizona Trail self-supported in record time today due to a dental abscess.

There’s a part of me that is heartbroken, the part of me that worked so hard for many years to be able to do this. But the decision to stop was easy. Sometimes quitting is a hard decision because you know you could do more, because you lose the desire to keep going. Not the case here: I truly gave it my all and I had an incredible cathartic adventure. I accessed joy regardless of the challenges. My body and mind were strong & carried me farther than many think is possible.

I would’ve continued to walk and run on my blistered feet as the miles melted away the skin and every step hurt. Downhills were the worst. There was no way to avoid rubbing all those blistered spots with a big pack thumping up and down on your back with each step. Wrapping my feet began to take up a good deal of time several times a day. Usually 2-3 times a day I need to tape toes, heels, pads of feet.

Being self supported means that you can’t just have someone bring you want you need, you have to self-propel yourself to get it, which takes time. Or sometimes requires many miles to be put in to get to somewhere for resupply. My utmost respect goes out to athletes who do this self supported. Thru hikers are another level of crazy-skilled.

Nearly 20 blisters formed on day 3, just as my legs were feeling better, more adapted to the 45-50 mile days. But it wasn’t the blisters or crazy red rashes on my legs that stopped me. Or the blisters all over my mouth & throat. It was worse.

I’m in urgent care because my jaw aches like crazy & half my face is swollen. I can barely eat and when I try to eat chewing is incredibly painful. Swallowing hurts. I knew I needed to get medical attention. “Dental abscess and cellulitis and canker sores caused by autoimmune response to the abcsess,” doctor stated.

Pushing oneself to achieve great things is inspiring, but destroying yourself for it is just stupid, you only have one body. Love it ♥️

Patrick Heine on Mid State Trail (PA)
Complete - new FKT!

40.21, -78.332222

Athlete: Patrick Heine
Start date:
Style: Supported
Status: Complete - new FKT!
Craig Millikin on Ouachita Trail (OK, AR)
Complete - new FKT!

34.7829524, -94.9515017

Start date:
Style: Unsupported
Status: Complete - new FKT!

4/9 - 

Made it to queen wilhelmina last night, went from hot all day to cold and windy all night in an exposed campground, but back on the trail now!


4/10 - Moving along, near the 123 mile mark 100 to go, had to switch to 1hr send tracking to save battery due to a charging issue, otherwise all good.  Hot weather the first two days followed by a huge thunderstorm that soaked me to the bone last night, but weather today is perfect.  Fantastic trail, lots of variety!

4/12 - my inreach gps died at 175 miles but my Garmin watch is still going strong, less than 30 miles to go, hopefully done by 6pm.