How to Submit an FKT

Submitting an FKT is a three step process:

  1. Submit the Route
  2. Submit the FKT
  3. Contribute

First: Submit a Route (if needed)

If the Route already exists, skip this step.

To see if does exist, Search the website:

  • Click “Routes” in the main menu bar - type a name in the “Route Name” box - click “Apply”.
  • Or leave that field blank, type the name of the country in “Country” box - click “Apply” (In US and CAN can also type in State or Province) - this will show ALL routes in the Country or State.
  • The Map on the home page is helpful but is not a reliable route locator.

If your route is not on our website, you must Submit it.

  • You may submit a Route either before or after you run it.
  • If you submit it before you still need to provide a .gpx file or a very good map.
  • We cannot guarantee in advance a route you submit will be added - we have to see it.
  • We recommend you plan and practice your route in advance - what you submit should be the optimal route with clearly described Start/Finish points - provide good information so the next person can try exactly what you did.
  • For more information, see FKT Guidelines, and this "How To Submit A New Route" article.

Second: Submit an FKT

You must use this form - do not send us an email.

  • You do NOT need to inform us in advance (except for Premier Routes).
  • We do suggest you post your intentions in the “Add new comment” box on the Route page.
  • Live Tracking is optional, and we’ll only add it to the “Tracking Now” section for efforts expected to be longer than 24 hours (you can also post your Tracker info in the Comment box).
  • Our 10 Premier Routes require you to announce your attempt in advance and Live Tracking is strongly recommended.
  • Feel free to list the gear you used and thank your sponsors (if any), but no advertising or affiliate links - stay within the bounds of a trip report.

Third: Contribute

Please contribute $20 for every Route and FKT submitted.  There is a Donation Box on each form.  WHY Donate? covers the world with outstanding crowd-sourced information.

  • Your submissions currently require uncounted hours per week of volunteer labor to process, organize, and manage.
  • We currently have few ads or sponsorship - what you use and enjoy is funded by you, the participant.
  • As Outside Magazine recently wrote:  “Giving it away without asking for anything in return is no longer sustainable.”