Fastest Known Time - FKT

The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?


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  • Attheyard08:
    How did it go? Thinking about doing this route soon. Been a goal of mine for at least 8 years.
  • marcy_beard:
    Update: My times didn't beat the Strava course records, I'll pay more attention to that for future FKT attempts.
  • pbakwin:
    Here's an "honorable mention" trip by Trevor Hallstein, posted on our old site.  His time of 20h15m (with Whitney) was not an FKT, but pretty quick. I had a spike of interest in ultra running after reading a report a friend of mine… read more »
  • marcy_beard:
    I completed an up-and-back of Frenchman Mountain yesterday, will submit the details.  There are 2 possible "highest points", so having not figured this out in advance I went to both of them.  Looks like the northern point is higher (both the peak… read more »
  • marcy_beard:
    I'm tentatively planning to go up Frenchman Mountain this Saturday morning (Nov 10), and if I do I'll bring my InReach and track the time to set a baseline FKT on this route.  It is indeed a great Las Vegas viewpoint!… read more »