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  • JNewman:
    It's a running FKT. He probably generated the GPX - it's not an FKT recording.  Mat gave it a red hot go but his hip caused a DNF:
  • JNewman:
    Looks like there's been a faster time recorded on 16th Sep '22.
  • Will ''Sisyphus'' Peterson:
    Sitting here dreaming of big days on trail, I thought it might be worth while to open up the discussion on this route. I have no plans for it in the near future, just asking out of curiosity. What did Jeff do for changing out his gear? Is it still… read more »
  • Davide Ambrosini:
    Ciao! Perchè la traccia va alla Trattoria al Serraglio sopra Recco? Inoltre vedo l'FKT moltiplicato 4 volte....
  • metaprinter:
    I’m genuinely curious as someone considering an unsupported attempt why almost everyone is starting at 5am? Wouldn’t it make more sense to start at noon so you’re not finishing in the dark?