FKT: Chuck Allen - Tom White Linear Park (GA) - 2020-09-26

Gender category
Route variation
out & back
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 24m 6s
GPS track(s)

Started at the north trail head which is located in downtown Moultrie just across the street from Memorial Park.  There is ample parking at the park.  There are no restrooms here, but there is a water fountain as well as covered picnic tables.  It was a little a difficult to locate the start of the trail.  There is no signage at this trailhead.  If I had not downloaded the course from the FKT website, I may not have been able to find it. 

Overall, the course is well maintained and relatively free of debris.  The trail is separate from the road and sidewalks, but it does cross several intersections.  Some of which are relatively busy.  This is especially true when the trail intersects GA HWY 319.

There are multiple access points for the trail several of which have ample parking.  Aside from the north trailhead where I started, at approximately the two mile mark you will encounter the actual Tom White Park.  The park basically consists of parking and signage.  The southern most point of the trail terminates at the airport which also has a good deal of free parking.

The majority of the trail is shaded, with the notable exception of a good portion of the trail that parallels HWY 319.  For a little over a mile, there is no tree cover whatsoever.  

During the first and last four miles you will have ample opportunity for hydration as there are multiple water fountains along the route.  The same cannot be said for the southern most portion of the trail.  Once you cross over HWY 319 there are no more water fountains.

I ran the full out and back course from north to south and back.  


Awesome job. Way to go!!!