Route: Lomond & Trossachs National Parks Munros (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Ancasteil20 on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 08:32am
United Kingdom
145 km
Vertical Gain
13000 m

Lomond & Trossachs National Parks Munro Summits Scotland. There are 20 summits included in this route within the boundary of the national parks, all over 3000 ft.  In order to complete a Munro its summit Cairn should be reached to claim the Munro. You must do this from public roads on foot to achieve this anyway you choose to complete all 20 in the fastest time to claim the FKT.

The Munros are:

  • Ben Lomond  3195 ft
  • Ben Vane.       3004 ft
  • Beinn Narnain 3034 ft
  • Beinn Ime.       3317 ft
  • Ben Vorlich     3094 ft
  • Ben Chabhair 3061 ft
  • Beinn A Chroin 3084 ft
  • An Casteil.        3264 ft
  • Cruach Ardrain  3432 ft
  • Beinn Tulaichean 3104 ft
  • Ben More               3825 ft
  • Stobb Binnein.       3822 ft
  • Ben Vorlich (earn) 3232 ft
  • Stuc A Chroin.     3199ft
  • Sgiath Chuil.        3022ft
  • Meal. Glas.          3146 ft
  • Beinn A Chleib.   3005 ft
  • Ben Lui                 3709 ft
  • Ben Oss.              3376  ft
  • Beinn Dubhcraig 3209 ft


56.190328283811, -4.6333229541779



I Completed this challenge and FKT as part of my Munro round (the Scottish 3000ft seperate Summits)as an event and challenge i done for my charity starting on the 2nd July 2016 in was completed in 5 full days just on midnight ,i do not have GPS verification as i used an Ordanance Survey Ranger Map and Compass,The verification i have is summit images on facebook in a post specific with a press release and a letter from my charity thanking me along with community verification and my recorded daily Journal of this Challenge and it is also recorded within my Munro round with the Scottish Mountaneering Club and within the National libarys of Scotland. (YOU WILL FIND MY DAILY JOURNALS OF THIS CHALLENGE ON FACEBOOK . IAN SIMPSON MOUNTAINNEER FACEBOOK also post specific in my saved items)

Verification ,*  Ian Simpson Mountaineer Facebook , FTK LOMOND & TROSSACHS NATIONAL PARKS 20 MUNRO SUMMITS.      (MY DAILY JOURNAL STORY TAKING ON THE GRADIENT chapter 2).in posts.

*facebook post specific in Ian Simpsons saved posts with summit images and copy of letter from charity with press release.titled Lomond & Trossachs National park.

*Munro round verification with the Scoottish Mountaineering Club verifiys completion of my Munro round the first 20 on my Munro schedule is the Lomond & Trossachs National Park.also recorded with the national libarys of Scotland.




I acheived this challenge over 5 days on the stroke of midnight on day 5.Summitting 4 Munros a day . My routes covered 91 miles 145 k with 13000m of Ascent, 

Any challangers going forward can choose any route to summit these Munros within the National park by reaching the cairn on foot from public roads to try and better my FKT the Ian Simpson round.

This was a Solo unsupported FKT challenge .My style was fast and light ,small pack , packable waterproofs,base layer,shorts,mid layer ,Hiking boots(Summertime conditions)head torch,bag rope,first aid kit ,whistle,food was bars,water and sports drinks. Navigation OS Ranger Maps and Compass.

Conditions- terain was trail on Gradient with some Scrambling on variouse terain ranging from steep grassy ascents and rocky outcrops with burn and gorge routes in greasy and wet conditions in low visibility in changable wet weather .Some days persistent rain ,others with sunshine.caution required in these conditions on steep greasy ground. Navigation skills by Map and compass escential. 


I invite  a GPS SPONCER to support me to better My exisisting FKT , I can do it faster with a new strategy and GPS support . 

you can read my journals of this event on my facebook posts. 

The Literature and Description For this Challenge is also included within the pages off the 2020 edition of the Scottish Mountaineering Clubs Journal ,who have been recording for over 100 years what's been happening on The Munro's and in Mountaineering in Scotland . They publish the difinitive route guides for Climbers & Summitters in Scotland.