FKT: Ruben Degiorgio - Dorsale per Cresta del Triangolo Lariana (Italy) - 2020-07-12

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5h 35m 5s
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For this solo unsupported FKT attempt I picked a day which was forecast to be a little cooler than it had recently been. The trails were quiet early on as I started fairly early and this version of the route from Como to Bellagio is far less trafficked than the normal route. After around 3.5km and 700m of climbing there is a public water fountain so I took advantage of it and saved my 1.5 litres of fluids that I hoped would see me through to the end. The day got much warmer than expected and I by the time I got to the penultimate and highest peak of the day I knew I was running really low on water and needed to replenish. From memory I remembered that the only water source, another public fountain, was a mere 2km from the finish and I still had around 10km of mostly technical downhill to get there. The route goes past a mountain hut at this point but since I wanted to complete this unsupported I refrained from resupplying there and waited to get to the water fountain! Needless to say, this was not fun! At Monte San Primo there were also a lot of hikers, all seemingly climbing the narrow, steep trail I was descending. Eventually, my water source appeared and a very busy Bellagio soon afterwards. In hindsight I should have started earlier to take advantage of cooler temperatures and avoid the crowds on Monte San Primo. I would highly recommend this route to any trail runners / hikers visiting the area. I didn't take any photos on this day but the views are truly spectacular including lake Como, the pre-alps and some of the giants of the alps like Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. 


Ruben, would you be so kind to tell us where exactly the water sources are? I’m your regional editor and I run this route (partially) few year ago, it’s gorgeous!