FKT: Greg Nance - Chicot State Park Loop (LA) - 2021-06-24

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3h 12m 4s

Headed counterclockwise from the South Trailhead carrying my Osprey ruck with 2L of cold water and Nuun. Ran solo and unsupported the whole way. Several trail sections were overgrown with vegetation and downed trees from recent storms.

Our family farm in Leesville, Louisiana is just down the road so have had this run on my bucket list. It was an amazing adventure! I'll definitely come back in the winter and go for the overall FKT (June heat, humidity, and vegetation not ideal for setting record times haha).  


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Maybe I missed it by three days? I went out and ran 9 miles on the Chicot Loop Trail on the 21st of June 2021 and the Park Ranger as well as the signage said that the northern part of the loop was still closed due to COVID issues. It would have been miles 2-8. Are they open now? Because if so I'd like to go out and give this FKT a shot this summer/ fall.