FKT: Boris Rajic - Maitland Trail (ON, Canada) - 2021-07-25

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 21m 38s

I set out to attempt to complete the out-and-back from Auburn to Goderich, in celebration of my 30th birthday.  Unfortunately, my birthday brings with it some terrible running weather.  I did not complete the out-and-back and instead settled for finishing the trail once.

I carried all my gear (3.2 L of water), too much food and some other small items.  I used the tap in the Falls Reserve Conservation Area to refill my water at around 35.5km in. In total it was over 12 lbs with my water stores filled.  Too heavy.

Made the mistake of having all of my water mixed with tailwind at the beginning.  Big mistake -- always have water on hand if possible.  Tailwind was causing some serious abdominal cramps and I had no choice but to keep drinking it.  Despite this, I still struggled to replenish my electrolytes and fluids.  I still had an amazing time out there, and it is a killer trail.

I didn't take any pictures except for the 1 at the start and my nasty feet at the end.  However, I did bring a GoPro along with me and filmed it from start to finish (intermittently).  Will update description once I have a chance to edit a video.

I'll be back again next year to try and complete the out-and-back!