FKT: Ty Smith - Sangre de Cristo Traverse (CO) - 2021-08-26

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Standard route
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4d 18h 55m 0s

I completed the route solo, only briefly meeting day hikers on popular peaks like Crestone Needle/Peak, Blanca, and Little Bear.  There were no resupplies other than water, which I could have done more efficiently.  I had a 3L capacity.  I refilled water at a random spring near Mosca Pass near the end of the first day and from Medona creek the second day.  The rest came from lakes below ridgeline.  The weather was pretty good, although a bit windy the first 2 days and was only rained/hailed on once near Simmons Peak.  The most calm day lined up well with the most technically challenging day going over the Crestones and Mr. Adams, which took forever!  I encountered a mountain lion just below Nipple mountain as I was trying to sleep and needless to say, I didn't get much going into that last day, but at least it got me up and walking early?    


Superb route and amazing achievement. Congrats!