FKT: Justin Kousky - Delaware River Canals Loop (NJ, PA) - 2022-02-12

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8h 50m 43s
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a week of unseasonably warm temperatures in the region opened up the possibility of doing a longer run on trails that would normally be covered with snow and ice.  the trails were in decent shape - no snow or ice left.  there were many miles of clear sailing on flat, hard packed dirt/gravel.  also many miles of softer footing, mud, puddles, and ruts in the mud from all the bikers.  it seems like there was a recent heavy flooding event which wiped out the bridges in 3-4 spots.  a few of the detours required a bit of scrambling, bushwhacking, or water traverses to get to the other side.  it was a bit challenging to find decent water to filter - the delaware river is always close but usually not very accessible.  there's plenty of canal water but there were tons of geese in and around the water, so pretty foul.  i made the mistake of passing up a few good streams earlier on, and got pretty dehydrated by the end after running out of tailwind.  this seems like a good loop to run supported or self-supported if you have the time or help - the trail is pretty accessible with plenty of places to park.  there were lots of folks out on the trails enjoying the great weather but it never got too crowded.

i ran unsupported, starting with 2L of tailwind.


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Great job!