FKT: John Sahas - Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley (CA) - 2022-08-20

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Out and Back
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16h 47m 1s
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Note: Since you can start the out and back from either the west or east side, this category should be split for both.

I started at Onion Valley trailhead on the east side because it’s closer to me. Starting on the west would likely be easier as you start with the climb, but who knows, this is basically hard both ways.

My time isn’t particularly fast but I saw there was no out and back posted and I’ve been eyeing up this route. Had a hard time on the way back with the long climb up Bubbs Creek and JMT and up to Kearsarge pass. Not a lot of runable terrain. Huge props to the people that posted east and west times, amazing.

My time should be easily beat. Wanted to post something to get this rolling. I would say this compares to Grand Canyon R2R2R and more people should be doing the out and back from both sides. It’s beautiful and not easy. Water is plentiful and there’s a decent amount of shade on the west half the route.


Admin note: John submitted his time before Rory. Out and backs can typically be done in whatever order the athlete prefers.