FKT: Lincoln Quilliam, Gareth Hinds, Drew Beswick - Penguin Cradle Trail (TAS, Australia) - 2020-11-28

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An FKT and the first known single push run of one of the most challenging established multi day bushwalking traverses in Tasmania crossing at least 3 mountain ranges.

Dial range is very pleasant with well built and maintained trails through varied bueitful forest types making for comfortable running flow. So much so we missed a turn off and accidentally also climbed Mt Dial and Mt Gnomon - adding around 3km and maybe 200m vert.

Leven Canyon is just absolutely awesome! Generally very technical and super steep yo-yoing narrow formed trail. Tough going but so rewarding! Thanks

North West Walking Club

for the recent rebuilding flood damage and clearing a few years of downed trees - you guys continue to do such an amazing job with this trail!!!

Black bluff range is something else... a nice long climb on a great track brings you to a lovely alpine lake then unformed alpine heath track at >1,000m elevation super exposed to weather for 25+kms. This is very slow going with high ankle rolling potential at every step, occasional hidden knee deep holes, and the slightest southerly squall tears through you and slows you to half the slow pace you were already doing at 60-80km in... what an experience! On a clear day you can easily see Cradle from just past Black bluff - it certainly doesn’t look 30kms away, but takes around 7hrs to reach!

Happy birthday

Gareth Hinds

Sorry you couldn’t be with us in person

Matt Pearce

, you certainly were with us in spirit. Drew, you are a solid machine and there will be more adventures

Piotr Babis

, you’re the 2nd best support crew I’ve ever had, you’re most welcome to feed me salt with hot eggs on every big run forever!


Cradle Mountain Hotel

for the comfiest bed and biggest breaky buffet I’ve ever eaten!


Awesome effort!

What time did you set off? If you did it again, would start at the same time? 

Your strava indicates a moving time of 14:28 - is that accurate? Did you take breaks from running totalling about 7 hours?

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Giving this a crack tomorrow.

Will see how the weather pans out in the afternoon/evening up at Black Bluff. 

Will be first female time by the looks. Will be supported as I'm trying to get a pal to run from Taylor's Flat through with me/have a bail out point if it turns super grim/below freezing. (What a weird thing to consider for summer running....)