FKT: Kevin Thompson - Table Rock Mtn (SC) - 2021-07-10

Route variation
Red Trail up & back
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Total time
1h 5m 50s

This route is so hard in the summer even in the morning. Couldn't hold the speed up but was able to fly down and take it. Started/ended at the tree makes for a weird start/finish because of the wooden bridge but its fine. Went up and touched the summit sign and returned. 


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It is worth noting that the route description says the route ends at the "true summit" which is not at the sign... For clarity's sake the route description should say it ends at the sign post.if that's where people are turning around.

imho, the route should be the whole trail, to the reservoir overlook, but I admit that's just because that's how I've always done it.


Amazing time!

Is there a sign post past the sign that shows the true summit? I was led to believe that the sign is the where the mountain is actually the tallest. If it gains any more elevation I would definitely go up more.

I think you (and I) have it correct, Kevin. The sign is clearly there to mark the true summit, even though it's anticlimactic compared to some of the viewpoints. I take Carl's point that there would be sense in having the FKT continue to the viewpoint at the end of the trail, but there's also strong logic in running to the highest point of a mountain even if there's no summit pinnacle with 360 views. In any case, that's how this FKT is written and I'm confident we've run it as described. Great work on your FKT, by the way... in July, no less!Table Rock Mountain summit sign