FKT: Cain Leathers - Across Pennsylvania from Colliers, WV to Camden, NJ - 2022-05-25

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9d 23h 30m 56s

I ran from the WV/PA border to the PA/NJ border, starting in Colliers, WV and ending in Camden, NJ. I completed this in just under 10 days! Shortest day was 17 miles, longest was 51 miles, and took time to rest and recover each day. Temps were in the mid 90's all the way down to 30's, with thunderstorms and tornado warnings along the way. I had 2 cars/3 crew members with me to help with planning/nutrition/route safety, and ate quite a bit every single day!

The point of the run was to raise money for The Trevor Project, and highlight the work they do for LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention. As a queer ultrarunner, a relate a lot to the work The Trevor Project does, and even founded my own queer running organization, Queer Run, around the time of my run across PA.


Wow. Nicely done, Cain.