Route: Allegheny National Forest 100 of the NCT

Submitted by jasonwish on Wed, 08/30/2023 - 11:31am
Pennsylvania, US
100 mi
Vertical Gain
13,733 ft

This route corresponds to the Allegheny 100 Challenge, an unsupported hike in the Allegheny National Forest (ANF). The Trail passes through approximately 97 miles of the ANF as it travels across the Allegheny Plateau. Its northern terminus is the PA/NY border and its southern terminus is the ANF border, 3 miles north of Route 66. This section has much to offer: Scenic views of the Allegheny reservoir, beautiful hemlock valleys, rock cities, fascinating evidence of past and present logging and oil industries, and many opportunities to view wildlife, including bear, deer, coyote, fishers, bobcats, songbirds, grouse and eagles. Varied habitats and terrain, along with frequent camping sites, make the NCNST through the ANF a great destination for a day hike or a backpacking trip.

There are many special places along the ANF section. In Tracy Ridge, the Trail runs on the eastern side of the Allegheny Reservoir, allowing for many scenic views and much solitude. The Trail passes through the Tionesta Scenic Area where remnants can be found of an old growth forest that was mostly destroyed by a tornado in 1985. The Trail now highlights the rebirth of this forest. Rock cities dot the terrain on many of the ridgelines. The most scenic of these are found in the popular Minister Creek valley.

Filterable water is plentiful in the ANF. The only dry stretches are a few miles across some ridgelines. There are over 30 marked campsites along the Trail in this section. U.S. Forest Service campgrounds with services are also available nearby. Dispersed camping is legal throughout the ANF. Cell phone service is limited: Texting is often available but there are few places to make a call. There is very limited resupply along this entire route.

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SOBO attempt from the NY/PA border on September 11, 2023.  Hit 50 miles in 13 hours and was well on my way of reaching my goal of going sub 30 hours.  Got stomach distress at mile 60 that I was unable to overcome and decided to DNF at mile 80.