FKT: Rebecca Hormann - Cheltenham Circular - 2022-10-16

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4h 22m 27s
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I started the course Uckington as it was the most logical start location for me. I followed the loop clockwise, the first portion going through a lot of fields. I followed the signage almost the whole way round, it's quite faded in some places but you can still identify it by the bit of green left on the signs. Because I started quite late in the afternoon, the second half of the run was in the dark and rain. There was one spot in particular that the course seems to have changed slightly on, so I simply reconnected using another path. It's a great route although there are quite a few bits on main roads just in order to connect onto the next path. I ran it with a bottle of water and a gel and wasn't too fussed about bringing loads with me. 


This looks like a great route! Well done! I'll give it a go!

I notice you did a slightly different route from the LDWA footpath route? Was that intentional due to conditions or the route? The extra difference I could see comparing the two, was at Badgeworth you continued over (or under) the M5 towards Gloucestershire Airport whereas the route then cuts back towards the Reddings. Also you took the westside of the sewage treatment works instead of the Eastside like on the LDWA route. Just observations. I'll try follow the LDWA route and see what happens!