FKT: Matthew Meadows - The Welsh 3000s (UK) - 2023-04-29

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9h 8m 20s
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Welsh 3000s route

Started from Crib Goch summit (after setting off from PenYPass), then chose the route over Crib Y Ddysgl and up to Snowdon. Then down the Llanberis Path and dropped off after Clogwyn Station into Nant Peris.

Then Elidir Fawr, over to Y Garn and then the Glyders, down the scree slope to the right of Bristly Ridge, up and down Tryfan and to Ogwen Valley Cottage where I had stashed 1.5l of water behind the wall by the bus stop.

Picked the direct route up Pen Yr Ole Wen from the road, the over the Carneddau and finished at Foel Fras.

Carried 2.5lts of water and all food from the start, with only resupplying at the drop bag at Ogwen Valley Cottage as above.

I'd recce'd a few different routing including starting at Snowdon and doing Crib Goch backwards to then head down the North Ridge into Nant Peris but felt the North Ridge was too slow going and the bogs at the bottom and between Nant Peris were slow too.

Forecast said 9deg Celsius but, the cloud cleared by 9am and it was sunny...which meant it heated up and my water was depleted early (will leave another drop bag at Nant Peris next time!)

Didn't feel great in the heat going up Elidir Gawr, but I was committed and used to a bit of suffering...

Cramp heading up Y Garn, and again on the way up Pen Yr Ole Wen, but had extra electrolytes.

No one ran with me at any point.


Great run!  I did the 3000s for the first time yesterday, also completely unsupported, but from North to South.  Got round in 10h30m after picking the wrong line on a few occasions, and probably slightly underfuelled.  Did the Crib Goch North Ridge which was great in the afternoon sunshine and a lovely way to start the final leg.