FKT: Aaron Newell - Mt Borah (ID) - 2016-08-12

Route variation
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 29m 11s

New car to car record:
Aaron Newell
Roundtrip: 2:13:14
Up: 1:29:11

I was obviously pretty slow going up today and made up a lot of time on the way down. I ran up to the top last night to scope things out and was feeling it a bit from the start this morning. I'm pretty sure they changed some of the trail in the past couple of years and as a result it is .2 miles longer each way with 15-20 extra switchbacks. I'm hoping to go back with fresh legs and go for Dan Kraft's up record and try to bring the round trip record down around 2 hours. It's a really fun mountain and a lot easier than a google search suggests.!