FKT: Aaron Robson - Temple Peak (WY) - 2020-07-23

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up & down
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3h 59m 34s
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My first time exploring from the Big Sandy trailhead. No shortage of cars there, and passed plenty of folks on the trail until the turnoff just after Big Sandy Lake. Clouds and cool temperatures made for a reasonably quick first 6 miles. Slowed a bit going over the rougher terrain heading up towards Temple Pass. The final climb from Temple Lake was properly steep, and there was no let up after reaching the pass - even steeper boulders and talus, then the final class 4/5 scramble up a gully to the summit ridge. Amazing views on top, and had some crazy cloud formations blowing up the valley and then up over the NW face. A bit surreal.

Stopped a few times for pictures and the like on the way up, and had a few minutes of views on top. Came back down at a fairly easy effort level until the last 3-4 miles, when I knew dipping under 4 hrs was going to be super close, and picked the pace up to make sure! Definitely more time to be taken on this one!