FKT: Aaron Shepard - Brasstown Bald (GA) - 2022-04-23

Route variation
Soup to Nuts (all 3 trails out & back from the summit)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 26m 49s

Slightly different variation of the Soup to Nuts route. Instead of starting at the summit, I started at the red gate in the parking lot behind the Appleby Dormitory at Young Harris College. 


Started at 6:15 am. Splits for reaching the summit and landmarks are a follows:

01:26:43 for 1st Summit from red gate leading up forest service road to connect to Wagon Trail

2:27:37 to reach Trackrock Gap Road (trail marker marking start of Arkuquah Trail)

4:09:57 for 2nd Summit from Arkuquah Trail

4:45:30 to reach Jacks Knob (info station with trail map)

4:52:59 rest and exchange gear at drop bag left at Jacks Knob info station

- Dropped off hydration pack and exchanged for handheld water bottle, tank top, 1 packet of Liquid IV, Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Clif Bar, electrolyte chews and Tylenol.

5:57:35 for 3rd Summit from Jacks Knob 

7:26:49 to reach red gate marking end of forest service road that connects to Wagon Trail