FKT: Aaron Tucker - Artist's Palette Loop (CA) - 2021-11-27

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Standard loop
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1h 38m 47s
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   I discovered the Artist’s Palette Loop FKT the day before this attempt as I was catching up with an Army Basic Training buddy in Las Vegas. Death Valley is my favorite National Park & I knew I was going to take a run there on my way back to the Northeast corner of California, & this course looked like it would play to my strengths.

  Started from the end of the parking lot at Artist’s Palette viewpoint & took a right for a counter clockwise loop, as the loop’s FKT pioneer Jason Wheat described. Took a left on Badwater Basin Rd followed by a left back on the scenic loop. For me this is where this started to get real. As the grade increased the pace & confidence decreased. Got some relief from climbing just after the 11 mile mark & cruised to the finish for my 1st FKT!!  
   I ran solo, simply packing my phone in a running belt. I didn’t pack any water or nutrition, & I didn’t accept the water offered by a passing cyclist on Badwater Basin Road. The gamble paid off!



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Nice job, Aaron!