FKT: Aaron Tucker - Summit Trail (South Warner Wilderness, CA) - 2022-06-19

Route variation
one way
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Total time
4h 21m 15s
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Started off Father’s Day 2022 with a bang!  I ran 22.85 miles solo on The Summit Trail in the Warner Mountains which travels thru South Warner Wilderness & Modoc National Forest. I started at Pepperdine Campground Trailhead & finished at Patterson Campground trailhead.  I packed 2x500 ml soft bottles of water & drank all of 1bottle by the time I hit Slide Creek with approximately 10 miles to go & I refilled there. I brought a generic “sustained energy bar” consisting mostly of peanut butter, nuts/seeds, & cranberries & ate it in the 18th mile. Almost killed the whole 500ml’s I refilled from Slide Creek by the finish. 
    3rd time was a charm. The trail is tough to follow at times due to snow, down trees, lack of use & lack of up keep in areas. Failed back in October & finished with almost 24 miles total. Then in November my phone died with 5-6 to go, then got lost, & spent the night in the mountains & found my way to Patterson in the following daylight. Ya win some & ya lose some:). All the above along with it being on Father’s Day made this SUPER SPECIAL!!