FKT: Abby Hall, Cordis Hall - Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well (CA) - 2019-10-19

Route variation
round trip from Shortys Well
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
11h 32m 58s

This is an absolutely incredible route and we encourage others to go visit this special corner of the world! The route-finding is very straightforward for those accustomed to being off-trail (up!!!), but be mindful on the way down - it'd be easy to bomb down the wrong gully in the forests. The true challenge of this route was water and managing thirst.

This weekend, @cordisimo and I completed a pretty unique objective, which was connecting the lowest and highest points in death valley. starting at shorty’s well (the west edge of badwater basin) at -190 feet below sea level, we climbed ~11,250 continuous feet, mainly off-trail to the summit of telescope peak (through four ecosystems!) pretty early on, I realized water would be my primary challenge of the day. you forget about that soul-sucking desert thirst until you’re 4 or 5 hours in, climbing up a sun-baked ridge, silent with stillness, begging for a breeze, mouth swollen (no joke). accepting that was the main wrestle of the 11h32min day. got back to the car, guzzled a lukewarm bottle of apple cider, set a new fastest known women’s time in the process. (for the route, not the cider. but maybe that too.)

More photos on Cordis' Strava.