FKT: Abby Levene - Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail (NH) - 2018-10-16

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Standard route
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11h 14m 52s

Abby had a SPOT tracker during the run.

"Used this run as an excuse to come back to my hometown in NH and spend an autumn day completely outside. And also (and more importantly) to illustrate the centrality of land conservation in NH. The Greenway passes through numerous state parks and conserved private land, and is so magical because of both this wilderness and the wilderness as far as the eye can see each time you top out on a bald, rocky peak. Started at sunrise, and lucked out to finish 10 minutes before sunset on the summit of my favorite mountain in the world! Perfect day, other than an insane amount of mud and water on the trail, and innumerable downed branches and trees from recent storms. Trail is extremely well marked, but I got lost and disoriented a few times through some of the more overgrown, watery, leaf-coated, and downed branch sections. Made two food and water cashes on the drive to the start; plenty more water (rivers) along the trail. Can't recommend this route highly enough! If you do it make sure to check out the trail map and guidebook on"

She posted on Instagram:

"A golden end to a golden day of adventuring for 48 miles/ 11 hr 14 min over the spine of Southwestern New Hampshire. More than anything else, this project and this trail illuminate the unstoppable power of community. So grateful for this landscape, the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club, NH Forest Service, all of the local conservancies, and landowners who work to keep this trail and our state pristine. And thank you to everyone who made this possible! Your support pulled me through (a lot of perfectly preserved wilderness, and mud ;)). More thoughts later."

And on Strava:

"Planet Earth FTW! Wow we are so lucky to be here. Thank you the one and only Sue Johnston for paving the way back in the day (13hr something). And thank you NH Forest Society, MSGTC, ATC, and every other land conservation and trail org that keeps our beautiful state precious and healthy! 
A little route finding, a fair number of down tree crossings, a lot of water traversing, 100% wet feet & happy soul."

Read her full trip report: