FKT: Adam Frye, Bryan Bhark - Snoqualmie Valley Trail (WA) - 2021-02-21

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3h 16m 10s
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Bryan and Adam ran the entire Snoqualmie Valley Trail from Rattlesnake Lake to Duvall. Specifically, we started at edge of concrete and gravel just past bathrooms next to interpretive signs at Cedar Falls Trailhead and finished where the trail reaches the entry to Taylor Landing.

We had delayed our attempt a week due to a snowstorm and there was still some snow in the first mile of the run. There was also a bridge out at NE 32nd St just south of Carnation, but it was fairly easy to descend some steps and then scramble up the other side.

We had support from friends and family every five miles or so along the trail (provided water, fuel and stoke!). The weather was better than expected - low 40s with SSW wind of 5-10 mph.

We managed to stay right around our goal pace throughout, felt good and were happy with the finishing time. It was fun to run the entire SVT as fast as we could!