FKT: Adam Kimble - Lake Vernon Loop (CA) - 2020-10-10

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4h 11m 51s
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I started this loop at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir at 9:31am on Saturday, October 10th.  It was a little hazy/smoky, but much better than the area had been in previous weeks.  The route itself is amazing: most of the almost 6k of vert is in the first 10 miles climbing up to Lake Vernon.  After topping out at 7,612 feet above Lake Vernon, you descend to beautiful Tiltill Valley and then make your way back down towards the reservoir.  There are a few beautiful places where you're running across a wide-open expanse of granite slabs!

I ran unsupported and kept the effort at a moderate pace, taking in the scenery and stopping to take photos from time to time.  I opted not to filter water from Lake Vernon (which is slightly off the route) because it was cool and I still had enough at the time, but then close to Tiltill Valley I lucked out and came across the only other place (a very small pond) to filter water on the route.  It ended up getting hot and I would have run out of water long before the finish had I not run across that pond.  

There were lots of backpackers to say hello and ask about how far I was running!  Definitely a very popular backpacking route.  All in all, it was a really rad day!