FKT: Adam Kimble - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2020-07-18

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1d 13h 12m 15s
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On Saturday, July 18th, I completed the 171-mile Tahoe Rim Trail in a new Supported Fastest Known Time of 37 hours, 12 minutes and 15 seconds.  I began the run at 6am on Friday, July 17th, starting at the Tahoe City bridge and running clockwise (the same route Kilian ran).  My crew met me at various trailheads for support: Brockway Summit, Tahoe Meadows, Spooner Summit, Kingsbury Grade, Big Meadow, Echo Lake, and Barker Pass.  It was a really hot weekend for Tahoe (getting into the mid-80's), so I also had some friends meet me at various points on the north and east side of the lake (e.g. Watson Lake, Relay Peak, Tunnel Creek), where there is little water to filter, it's highly exposed and extra hydration was crucial.  The first 20 miles I ran solo to Brockway Summit, and then from there I was accompanied by a pacer for each of the following segments all the way back to Tahoe City. 

I have yet to write about the experience in full detail, but you can find the most up-to-date information about the run on the following platforms:


Instagram: @AdamKimble818

Facebook: @AdamKimbleUltrarunner

Also, check out this press release from my sponsor, rabbit, which provides some additional information about the record.  Thanks to everyone who made this experience such an unforgettable one!  Your love and support amazes me and I'm eternally grateful for it!