FKT: Adam Kruszyna - Kingdom Heritage Trail (VT) - 2023-10-18

Route variation
one way
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Total time
3h 37m 23s
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A spectacular run through stunning forest and terrain. I felt great moving through the mountains! I went into the run feeling relatively good, managing to maintain a fairly consistent pace at close to 11 minutes per mile. Mud from the recent wet weather, a thick layer of leaves at mid-lower elevations, and the trail's derelict condition made the run exciting and, at times, downright dangerous, with countless near-crashes. I've run this trail both southbound and northbound, and I'm convinced northbound is easier to pace with longer gradual downhills. Despite having slightly less elevation gain, southbound includes two extended but gradual climbs that can be fairly challenging to maintain at a running pace for their entire duration.

No resupplies. Solo. 

Strava Report:

3:37:23 Southbound, Self-Supported
- Conditions were NOT ideal! Slippery, leafy, muddy, deep, surfy even. Made for one exciting run :)
-In classic Kingdom Heritage style, the feet did by no means, stay dry 😅
-Carried seemingly the perfect amount of water and fuel 
Run Time - 3:12:24, Walk Time - 22:12.00, Idle Time - 2:52.00