FKT: Adam LeClaire, Jonathan VanSweden - High Country Pathway (MI) - 2019-06-16

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Standard route
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Total time
20h 19m 0s
GPS track(s)

There are two gpx files submitted - we were not confident that one watch would have the battery life to record the entire trip (and it didn't), so we started the second watch halfway through. You'll see that they overlap and together complete the entire route. [Also, the times in the overlapping section of the 2 GPS file differ by exactly an hour, which is strange since both supposedly read UT, which should come from the satellites.]

Images submitted are the before & after at the same sign.

We ran the route clockwise, starting and ending at Pine Grove campground. We began at 8:51am on Saturday, June 15 2019 and ended at 5:10am on Sunday, June 16 2019.