FKT: Adam Loomis - Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (UT) - 2018-09-16

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Standard route
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15h 59m 0s
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I started the day with a newly acquired Spartan Ultra. Literally picked it up the day before and got it dialed - except for checking to make sure GPS was working apparently. Thus, I didn't get a GPS track of the entire route, but I have the video, photo and Suunto track to prove starting at 4:32. I started Strava on my iPhone at 6:16, a good deal up Ferguson Canyon. There are no shortcuts up Ferguson, only places to get lost!

The important thing on this route is staying true to ridge, which I made the priority, and if the record came, then great. 

My strava file definitely shows this. The other blips include a wrong turn on Flagstaff mountain which probably added 15 minutes, and missing the turn at the bottom of Bell's and subsequently having to run around the pond and on the road. This cost me a few minutes and a hard effort on the road!

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