FKT: Adam Lowe - Stone Mountain - Grandfather Mountain (NC) - 2020-10-18

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1d 14h 22m 41s

I wanted to go ahead and get an "Only Known time" for this route in order to draw some attention to it and get others to attempt it.  I left the upper lot bathhouse of Stone Mountain State Park on October 17, 2020 at 7:03am.  I headed on route and up escarpment and met first aid at 20 miles in.  I proceeded another 16 miles until I was met by my wife with aid.  After meeting my wife I continued for 5 hours in the dark until I was met with my first person who wanted to "pace" through the night.  The trail was very hard to follow at night with all the downed leaves and blazing as the single track went back and forth across the Blueridge Parkway.  It was the coolest clear night we have had and at one point we became very cold and I got under a space blanket to warm up.  I was met by wife again early in the morning and a good friend who was going to pace in the last 35-38 miles with me.  We moved from fast hiking to running the downhills and made up some time in the early morning.  We ascended Grandfather Mountain at dusk and were rewarded with the last light of a sunset at the top.  We took it into the profile parking after it had closed and stopped the time at the bath house on Sunday night at .  We walked the additional quarter mile to the Lowe's food grocery store only to see a black bear eating trash in the ditch.  The time can obviously be bettered but I wanted to get an only known time so there would be something to work towards.  I hope to see someone do sub 24 in the near future.  I want to make this a standard for Blueridge Mountain FKTs.  Thank you.