FKT: Adam Shahan - Mt Hood Circum & Summit (OR) - 2022-07-27

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21h 5m 25s
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July, 27, 2022


I started this unsupported attempt at exactly midnight from the flagpole outside the Wy’east building. I took a pretty direct ascent to the Devil’s Kitchen. Snow conditions were not great, it was around 50°F, which this didn’t become a serious problem until the Hogsback where I sunk in the snow beyond the knee. This made Old Chute seem like an unstable option. To make matters worse, a house sized crevasse divided Hogsback and Pearly Gates. I traversed and was lucky enough to hopscotch around and make my way up through loose ice, mushy snow and melting debris. It was a little disheartening to be the only climber on Hood that night, but after the journey I see why. I made it up in 4hrs 5min despite the conditions. 


I returned to the Wy’east flagpole around 6:00 am and promptly turned around to begin Timberline. I rolled into Ramona Falls before 9:00 am, and then Cloud Cap before 4:00 pm I think. The hot weather, full exposure, and elevation gain between miles 11-27 of Timberline really worked me. And, of course, carrying my boots, crampons, and axe took their toll too. Regardless, I returned back to the trail head and jogged down to the flagpole finishing up at 9:05 pm completing my 21:05:11 journey.