FKT: Addison Smith - Seoul Trail Course 8: Bukhansan National Park / 서울둘레길 8코스-북한산코스 (South Korea) - 2021-01-10

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Total time
3h 9m 38s
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Solid day overall! It was quite the family experience. Hopefully Alaina and Mom's FKT counts too. They got lost a few times but only added distance and time and didn't take any shortcuts to my knowledge. Alyvia and Dad were great cheer support at different sections of the run. For me, I'm confident that I ran the right route. The stomach was a bit off on the latter half, but the energy levels were solid throughout. Mountain trail running is a whole 'nother beast. It requires a whole lot more trust of your body from my experience compared to flat racing as your legs are in searing pain on the hard uphills but then recover over and over on the downhills and flats so it's an interesting balance of excepting that acute pain with knowledge and some hopes that your body can recover and go at the next hills ahead of you just as hard. I'm far from an expert at it, but I've learned a lot from my time in Korea and I'm definitely hooked on the whole experience. It was still snowy in a lot of the trail portions which slowed me down at times but overall it wasn't a ton of time. Quality temperature (in the low 20s, pretty sunny, with great air quality) and day to do it. Definitely a great to remember for the whole family!

Thanks be to God for safety, not falling, and that Alaina and Mom didn't get lost 😂

I'll be posting some video from the FKT on my Instagram for those interested: